"On The Way Home" as written by and Neil Young....
When the dream came
I held my breath
With my eyes closed
I went insane,
Like a smoke ring day
When the wind blows
Now I won't be back
Till later on
If I do come back at all
But you know me,
And I miss you now.

In a strange game
I saw myself as you knew me
When the change came,
And you had a
Chance to see through me
Though the other side
Is just the same
You can tell
My dream is real
Because I love you,
Can you see me now.

Though we rush ahead
To save our time
We are only what we feel
And I love you,
Can you feel it now.

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    My InterpretationOne on my favorite songs of all time....

    I think this song is so beautiful.......

    I think the last part of the song sums up the whole thing...Though we rush ahead to save our time we are only what we feel.....

    It doesn't matter where we go, what we have to do, how long we have to do it....as long as we are in touch with how we feel and let those we love see us and know us and our love for them, it's all that really matters..........
    Pixie310on August 17, 2012   Link
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    General CommentFor me, the first verse is about the first kiss I ever received. Got. Gave. Made. Or, on a grander scale, the first love I ever made. It was a long-held dream come true. It finally 'came', arrived.

    How does that make you 'insane'? It surely made me insane. Suddenly my whole life was turned upside down. I loved a girl and adjusted all I ever was, all I ever had, all I ever planned to do, to her love. I discovered the power of love, what it can do, what it can create, and what it can hurt or destroy. Beautiful smoke rings that are blown away by the same wind that, according to Paul Simon, blows through the 'window in your heart' and that anyone else can see blowing painfully.

    In the second and third verse, the relationship is over. She never got to know 'me', the song's protagonist. She *could* have gotten to know me, to see right through me, but she did not. She could have known both of my 'sides': the visible side, and the 'other side', the vulnerable side which I keep to myself, although it is 'just the same' but nevertheless private property.

    In the making of that love and the untangling of it, I tried to - and had to - reflect on myself. I tried to see myself 'as you knew me'. The visible side that you experienced; the side that you apparently fell for, the side I offered you. Then the 'change came' and I finally had the guts to allow you a deeper look into my being, into who I really am - an emotionally naked guy, a guy who is deeply in love with you. I guess you can, and want you to 'see that now', you can 'see me now' how I am completely - both halves.

    So, what a change we made. Two people, unknowing of each other, and for a fragment in time in love, making our lives dependent of each other. In a whisk of time; we rush ahead. We want to have, create, consume this love now, here. No time wasted. We want this to be IT.

    But we should not rush. We should not want to be IT. There's no guessing about forever-and-ever. All that counts is what we feel. That we feel. As long as we feel. Even in spite of what lies ahead.


    I like Neil Young songs that make us think. There are many of them.
    mcouzijnon December 14, 2014   Link
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    General CommentNo comments? Insane, kinda like a smoke ring day when the wind blows.
    axround3ron February 02, 2009   Link
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    MemoryOne of my favorite Neil songs. It accurately described the relationship between me and someone I loved very much. I had to leave town because I was in trouble and couldn't say when I'd be back.
    Lookout4MyLoveon April 21, 2009   Link

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