"Be Safe" as written by and Ross Jarman Ryan Jarman"....
One of those fucking, awful black days
When nothing is pleasing and everything that happens
Is an excuse for anger
An outlet for emotions stockpiled, an arsenal, an armor

These are the days when I hate the world
Hate the rich, hate the happy
Hate the complacent, the TV watchers
Beer drinkers, the satisfied ones

Because I know I can be all of those little hateful things
And then I hate myself for realizing that
There's no preventative, directive or safe approach for living
We each know our own fate

We know from our youth, how to be treated
How we'll be received, how we shall end
These things don't change

You can change your clothes
Change your hairstyle, your friends, cities, continents
But sooner or later your own self will always catch up
Always it waits in the wings

Ideas swirl but don't stick
They appear but then run off like the rain on the windshield

One of those rainy day car rides, my head implodes
The atmosphere in this car, a mirror of my skull
Wet, damp, windows dripping and misted with cold
Walls of grey, nothing good on the radio, not a thought in my head

I know a place we can go and I'm falling
Love so hard that you wish you were ten

Lets take life and slow it down incredibly slow
Frame by frame
With two minutes that take ten years to live out
Yeah, let's do that

Telephone poles like praying mantis against the sky
Metal arms outstretched
So much land traveled, so little sense made of it
It doesn't mean a thing, all this land laid out behind us

I'd like to take off into these woods and get good and lost for a while
I'm disgusted with petty concerns
Parking tickets, breakfast specials
Does someone just have to carry this weight?

Abstract typography, methane covenant
Linear gospel, Nashville sales lady, stocky emissary
Torturous lice, mad Elizabeth

Chemotherapy bullshit

The light within you shines like a diamond mine
Like an unarmed walrus, like a dead man face down on the highway
Like a skunk, eating it's own tail
Steam turbine, frog farm

Two full closets burst open in disarray, soap bubbles in the sun
Hospital death bed, red convertible, shopping list, blow job
Deaths head, devils dancing, bleached white buildings, memories
Movements, the movie, unfeeling, unreeling, about to begin

I know a place we can go and I'm falling
Love so hard that you wish you were ten

I've seen your hallway, you're a darn call away
I've hear your stairs creak, I can fix my mind on your yes
And your no, I'll film your face today in the sparkling canals
All red, yellow, blue, green brilliance and silver Dutch reflection

Racing thoughts, racing thoughts, all too real
You're moving so fast now, I can't hold your image
This image I have of your face by the window
Me standing beside you, arm on your shoulder
A catalog of images, flashing glimpses then gone again

Until to the posters soak in me, every clear afternoon now
I'll think of you, up in the air, twisting your heel
Your knees up around me, my face in your hair
You scream so well, your smile so loud, it still rings in my ears

I know a place we can go and I'm falling
Love so hard that you wish you were ten

Imitation, distant, tired of longing, clean white teeth
Stay the course, hold the wheel, steer on to freedom
Open all the boxes, open all the boxes
Open all the boxes, open all the boxes

Times Square Midday, newspaper buildings
News headlines going around, you watch as they go
And hope there's some good ones, those tree shadows in the park
They're all whispering, shake some leaves

Around six p.m., shadows across the cobblestones
Girl in front of bathroom mirror, she slowly and carefully
Paints her face green and mask like
Like my cheese, portrait with green stripe

Long shot through apartment window
A monologue on top but no girl in shot
The light within me shines like a diamond mine

Like an unarmed walrus
Like a dead man face down on the highway
Like a snake eating its own tail
A steam turbine, frog farm

Two full closets burst open in disarray, soap bubbles in the sun
Hospital death bed, red convertible, shopping list, blow job
Deaths head, devils dancing, bleached white buildings, memories
Movements, the movie, unreeling, about to begin

Oh, great by me
Yeah? Mine were alright, wasn't my best one but who cares?
That's the spirit

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"Be Safe" as written by Lee Ranaldo Gary John Jarman


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    General CommentI think this song expresses perfectly how you feel when you've been through something terrible that makes your whole life and the whole world seem meaningless and trivial. Being "disgusted with petty concerns", realising that it's actually all crap, that people put such importance on things that really don't matter.

    "We each know our own faith"
    should be
    "We each know our own fate"

    We all know how we shall end...we're going to die. None of these "petty concerns" will matter then, nothing like clothes, hairstyles or moving cities can change the reality of your self and your fate.

    I like the line about the light within him shining like a diamond mine...it's sarcastic/ironic. A diamond mine is a dark and dangerous place where people are exploited and used as slaves...the diamonds do not shine at all within it.

    My personal interpretation is that he's experienced the drawn-out death of his girlfriend through cancer (hence the line "chemotherapy bullsh*t", mistakenly written here as "keep a better peoples").
    The seemingly random lists I think are fragments of memories of him and his girlfriend, good mixed with bad. They include "hospital death bed" "bleached white buildings" "deaths head". I think the words are an outburst of emotions he has kept buried, "stockpiled", about his loss. "Open all the boxes" could mean letting out his emotions and also creates an image of him going through/organising her belongings after she has died.

    The words "Cleaning my teeth" portray to me that he is utterly fed up with and depressed by mundane routine of day-to-day life.

    "untethered to this post" should be "I'm tethered to this post you've sunk in me"...I think meaning that he cannot forget her or move on.
    littlebeaon July 19, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis song is simple, it just about one of those days where you feel completely apathetic and separate from everyone else. Nothing seems to make an sense or have any significance but the next day you will wake up and feel completely normal.
    fannyrogerson June 07, 2011   Link
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    General Commenti used to always skip this song when listening to the album

    then i went to see them play at Leeds festival, and they played this, and i was so bloody amazed, they played the guys monologue on the big screen and everyone in the crowd just stood in awe at them. then when the chorus kicked in....thousands of people shouting "I know a place we can go where you'll fall in love so hard that you'll wish you were dead"

    man moments like that stick with you
    freakystyleyon August 31, 2008   Link
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    General Commentfucking brilliant... I think it has many interpretations one being cancer.. losing life
    rocccrenaudon April 16, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthis song is gorgeous, and ryan's comments at the end are genius.

    lee ranaldo's voice is awesome, especially backed up by the jarman chorus. shame they can't do this live, would make an amazing gig even better!

    ItWasOnlyLoveon May 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentJust listened to this for the first time, it is amazing. Shows how such an already brilliant band have grown and improved! Can't really get my head round it though, and to be honest it makes my head hurt trying to make sense of all the (beautiful) lyrics here.

    Its just so.. i dont know.. Intense
    Banana1909on May 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis has got to be my favourite from the album, and it definitely shows their improvement.
    This song live would probably complete my life.
    cmj_abon June 07, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthe lyrics are all on the album.

    bloody INCREDIBLE chorus.
    rebelliousjadeon June 12, 2007   Link
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    General Comment(my need is slow but don't stick
    like //// //// //// ////
    like the rain on the windshield)
    Ideas swirl but don't stick.
    They appear but then run off like rain on the windshield.

    those tree shadows from the park
    that you're all whispering
    //// //// meanings around six pm
    Those tree shadows in the park they're all whistling chasing leaves.
    Around six pm
    SummerAnticson July 04, 2007   Link
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    General CommentJust listening to this and I haven't even got through it, but it reminds me of that song by Nada Surf. They didn't play this live when I saw them, I dunno how it would work really.
    Lewis88on July 10, 2007   Link

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