Washing my feet in the shower, I slipped and let out a cry
The sound that came out didn't sound like an animal of any kind
I'm losing focus on the things that make me special
The last time I ever peed my bed I threw my sheets out of the window
And looked down at the creepy sheets
Blowing away down the creepy street

There are two fat folders with the state labeled with my name
One is me and one is not but both read the same
I'm losing focus on the things that make me me me me me me
But back when I knew what I was exactly

On creepy sheets in the dark
I was the monkey and you were the shark
The circling fin beside my bed
As I streched out over the edge
To brush your skin as you came close
With the bottoms of my feet
A special touch from me to you

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Monkey vs. Shark song meanings
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    Link(s)Excerpt from interview at bigtakeover.com/interviews/… :

    Is there an animal you most identify with?

    KESLER: I’m most proud of “Monkey Versus Shark” because the whole relationship between them is something I actually I fantasized or thought about as a child. There are sexual overtones in it but it was pre-sexual when I thought of it. You know how in grade school you had to say what animal you were most like? I always thought of myself as the monkey and I had a friend who was a shark. It feels very very personal to me.
    dustingetupon May 29, 2011   Link
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    General CommentTo me, it seems like there is a person who struggles with identity, and maintaining their individuality. The guy isn't even distinctive enough to have his folder at the state differ from some other random guy who shares his name.

    He recalls, however, a time when he did have an identity - his childhood (he was the monkey, his buddy was the shark). Kind of makes me feel nostalgic for a simpler time with creativity and imagination, and where kids could be themselves. The guy sort of lost all of that when he grew up.
    rockactionon October 18, 2011   Link

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