"Slummin' In Paradise" as written by Mandy Moore and James Renald....
I'm a long way off
But I'm still around
Sitting on the couch
I'm watching you
And if I take my time
All the others give in
You feel like you're standing in line
Oh no, no, no

I just know that you're worth the wait
It's of no concern
It's a risk I'd gladly take
From time to time

Don't worry about yourself at all
I'll hang your work up on my wall
Hose you down and dress you up real nice
With some brand new plans and a fancy car
Try to place your superstar
'Cause you can tell the story of your life
Without slummin' in paradise

I wonder how you feel
Or do I?
Standing on the corner
How's your view?
From the other side
Oh, Mr. Right
Its not a pretty sight alone


You won't often see this letter
Handed over right away
I know the first time I found you wonderful


Without slummin'
Slummin' in paradise
Slummin' in paradise

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"Slummin' in Paradise" as written by Mandy Moore James Renald

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Slummin' In Paradise song meanings
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    My InterpretationThis strikes me as a song about being used for fame. The first verse sounds like she understands the "waiting in line" for your chance to shine and standing beside someone through the struggles of trying to make it. You can fall in love with that passion, that dreaming. "You're worth the wait" shows that she really had faith in them.

    But when you are dating someone who already is in the public eye, they have to help you make yourself presentable for them. They help you formulate your plans in part because they believe in you and partly because they need you to give off that aura. So, she gave a lot of herself and her faith, but also her resources (think image experts or going to a stylist together or contacts) to help her love.

    However, they were using her to some extent. They got to "place their superstar" among the stars. It's just they they didn't need to use someone for it "You can tell the story of your life without..." and it will not be a time remembered well (reminiced) due to the lack of commitment (of themselves), combined with her not being the hugest star, so it would be remembered as "slummin'" in this place where dreams come true (paradise).

    And it is a risk, as even established people need some status to get them higher or to secure their place. The people she encounters will be in the business and, even with people who aren't in the business, there are a million wannabes out there. It's either be willing to take the risk from time to time or never date!

    Of course, at first they are wonderful. You wouldn't date them if they weren't. If it lasts, if it develops into something true, it is worth the risk and the investment. What is that line from Friends about finding the one? "It only has to happen once."
    blondtrailliteon January 19, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti think it's about dating a guy who isn't as famous as her or famous at all, but she's telling him it's ok, i'll make you star/i still want to be with you
    stilldirrtyjaon April 22, 2009   Link

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