"Babs and Babs" as written by and Daryl Hall....
Babs and Babs lay dreaming
In a four poster bed
Arm in arm, head to head
Babs and Babs

Babs said, whatcha thinking
She said, nothing
But I never do
Cause I leave it up to you

Babs looked through the window
Saw the moon and the sky
She saw the clouds drifting by
Voices crying and sighing and dying but she said nothing

She look out on the lawn, there is a moon out tonight
(Moon out tonight)
There's a moon out tonight
Said can'tcha see

Silver dreams don't move me or your talk of the sky
And this isn't the time
To make a fool of me
Oh, no

No one wants to hear you when you're slipping away
And the light of a day
Always shows up the strength of your vision
But she said nothing
Oh, nothing
Then she turned
She finally said

So Babs said, don't you worry
I'll take good care of you
Your lack of feeling's a rotten thing
But I'll show you what to do
Girl, you've got to get away
Girl, you've got to feel, oh, yeah
Oh, yeah

Said, don't you patronize me
I'm fine the way I am
At least I know what's happening
And I know where I stand

You live alone, you die alone
When your dreams all fade away
Oh, yeah

Never compromising
Never see eye to eye
So they turn, with a sigh
Babs and Babs

Have to be together like the night and the day
So they might as well stay
The best of friends

Locked in love we leave them with the moon in the sky
With the clouds drifting by
Softly crying and sighing and dying and she say nothing
She say nothing
She say nothing
Oh, nothing
She say nothing
Oh, it's nothing
Really nothing
Babs and Babs
Babs and Babs say nothing, nothing
Ah, nothing
She say nothing, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Lyrics submitted by Bojan K.

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    My InterpretationThey are siamese twins. simple. "Arm in arm,head to hed,Bab's and Bab's". One still dreams,the others a bitch who tries controlling her."Look out on the lawn there,theres a moon out tonight(moon out tonight, 2 times)"Can't you see"? "You're silver dreams don't move me, or your talk of the sky, and this isn't the time,to make a fool of me".
    runtfan52on February 23, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThank God there are other people commenting on this song... I was afraid I had to analyze these weird lyrics by myself...

    The right brain/left brain explanation makes a lot of sense. It seemed to be about two different people, or two sides of the same person, arguing with each other, and their relationship is built entirely on their need to argue. One can't survive without the other's point of view.
    EnduringChillon March 09, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningOn Live from Daryl's House Daryl said it was about left brain and right brain.
    Such a cool song. Really great lyrics
    amac1on October 27, 2013   Link

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