"Coward" as written by and John/witherspoon Connolly....
You may find
That my appetite gets its way
It keeps growing and growing
Before you know it I'm a beast swallowing prey
And it is clear, it is clear
It's as clear as a fucking bell
The more I wear off on you
The more I seem to wear your smell

Get away and save yourself
Turn away and don't look back
Get away and save yourself
Grey skies are turning black

'Cause I will always
Hurt everyone I love
If I were you
I'd run away 'cause it's true
That I will always
Hurt everyone I love
I'm aching for you
But you're bound to bleed if I adore you

You will see
That there's a blood clot in my heart
I'm trying to make time to push it out
But I can't quite seem to start
And it is sore, it is sore
It's so sore that it hurts to feed
You keep taking little pieces of me
I'm going to show you how to bleed



I think I'll keep you
In a place where I can see you
But I know I'll break you like before
And I just can't do this anymore


I'm aching for you
I'm aching for you
I'm aching for you
I'm aching for you

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"Coward" as written by Clint Lowery Butch Walker

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Coward (feat. Sonny Moore) song meanings
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    General CommentBTW, the lyrics read, "But your bound to bleed if I adore you." Not "Play".

    IMO, this song is expressing his feelings towards his lack to keep people happy in his life. Either due to being selfish or possibly drug use or cheating. He loves people but he will hurt them in the end and can't help himself.
    Chrono9084on June 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI can't believe they took this instrumental from the soundtrack of Underworld (to jog your memory it plays in the first one when Michael Corvin is in the back of the police car shifting into a Lycan) and made it into an actual song. I was so excited, still am. The lyrics suit the riffs and the song still carries that dark feeling it did in the movie. I love it! The lyrics I think are a bit self explanatory lol. "I will hurt you if I fall for you, so run... far away."
    0okieon June 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentActually, the song from Underworld that Ookie is thinking about "Sword" by Ashes Divide, remixed by Danny Lohner. <3 They sound so very much like, though.
    exacerbatingon July 29, 2009   Link
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    Song FactNow; there has been some comments here about this songs and its relation to the movie Underworld. Since those comments lead me astray when I was looking for a song that is played in the movie (during Micheal's metamorphosis) because they were stating falsehoods I will give the facts in this comment.
    Here they are; Underworld was released 2003. Seeing that this song (Coward) was released 2007 and the other song (Sword, by Ashes Divide) was released 2008 neither of them can be the origin to the song played during the scene when Michael is changing to werewolf form of a Lycan. Thus, this is not the song played in the movie.
    There is however; in the end of the closing credits, a reference to the song that is played. The reference states: "COWARD - Written by Wes Borland and Danny Lohner - Performed by Renholder".
    So it seems evident that the song on this page was written as a sort of tribute or at least inspired by the movie Underworld. This may be something valuable to hold in mind in the future when trying to grasp the meaning of this band's songs. They have used material from the movie Underworld, not the other way around. May help you interpret this band's songs more correctly.
    For the future; please stay critical of your sources and remember to check them. The ending credits of the movie is more authentic than some comments on yahoo etc. (Just because you don't find it on Spotify doesn't mean that the song doesn't exist)
    I have written this comment for people who, like me, has been led astray in their search for the song played in Underworld during Michael's Metamorphosis. It is not intended as an insult towards anybody. Good luck!
    theCORRECTIONon April 27, 2017   Link

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