"The Kiss" as written by and Danny Elfman....
ove rising from the mists,
Promise me this and only this,
Holy breath touching me, like a wind song
Sweet communion of a kiss

Sun sifting through the grey
Enter in, reach me with a ray
Silently swooping down, just to show me
How to give my heart away

Once a crystal choir
Appeared while I was sleeping
And called my name
And when they came down nearer
Saying, dying is done,
Then a new song was sung
Until somewhere we breathed as one
And still I hear their whisper

Stars bursting in the sky
Hear the sad nova's dying cry
Shimmering memory, come and hold me
While you show me how to fly

Sun sifting through the grey
Enter in, reach me with a ray
Silently swooping down, just to show me
How to give my heart away

Lately sparkling hosts
Come fill my dreams, descending
On fiery beams
I've seen 'em come clear down
Where our poor bodies lay,
Soothe us gently and say,
Gonna wipe all your tears away
And still I hear their whisper?

Love, rising from the mists
Promise me this and only this,
Holy breath touching me, like a wind song
Sweet communion of a kiss

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"The Kiss" as written by Judee Sill

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    General CommentThe fact that there are no comments on this beautiful song is absurd and really an indication of how unfairly forgotten Judee is.
    layne1012on October 20, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSill describes love like mist and light. Love can sometimes exist almost tangible between two people like the wet air softly hovering between sky and ground. Like mist there is the risk of love fading out or drifting away. Love can also feel like being gently wakened by sunlight, that warms and perhaps reveal something that has been hidden or forgotten.

    As is often the case with Sill's songs this one has many associations to formulations and ideas in the Bible. The song begins with a reference to the beginning of the Bible and indeed the biblical version of the very beginning of the world. In Genesis 1:2 the “spirit” of God is moving over the face of a dark water, but as many may know the Hebrew word “ruach” actually means wind or breath. Later on (in 2:5) God breaths life into the first human being. In the New Testament Jesus breaths on his disciples saying “Receive the Holy Spirit" (John 20:21-22). The “crystal choir” Sill mentions from her dream is reminiscent of the passage of Revelations 4-5 in the Bible where a group of strange heavenly creatures worship the “Lamb who was slain”, lighting incense on “a sea of glass, clear as crystal” and singing “a new song”.

    Sill's song is sad, describing the longing for something that cannot be. After mentioning the dream of “breathing like one” in perfect union beyond death Sill goes on asking the shimmering memory of a crying dying star to show her how to fly. Thus reminding me of T.S. Eliot's “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper” (The Waste Land). A kiss can be like a falling star, exploding in a moment of radiant splendour. While actually short as a sigh a kiss sometimes evokes spectacular feelings and anticipations of eternal bliss.

    I think the song is summoned up in the passage “promise me this and only this”: while taking love for what it is Sill understands that much of the indispensable joy of love can be reached only by being somewhat unrealistic and childish.
    Blomqviston July 19, 2012   Link
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    General CommentJust watched this on tv (Old Grey Whistle test) last night. I was standing there at the ironing board with the iron in my hand and I was completely bowled over. Stunning. Why have I never heard of this artist before? She is amazing. She lived and died and I never heard of her...
    jclovesmusicon June 27, 2013   Link
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    General CommentA truly beautiful song, so wonderful I would consider this to be played at my funeral. Judee had such a sad and tragic life - and all I can say Judee you are a very talented star and may you rest in peace.
    spurs1952on March 15, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI agree with Spurs1952 and most of the above comments. I've just re-rediscovered her thanks to the BBC Radio 4 documentary of Sept 9th 2014. This is the track that haunts me. On the programme Andy Partridge of XTC, a huge Judee Sill fan, had to stop the playing of this track as it was "too beautiful" He was crying on air.
    rob1386822on September 14, 2014   Link

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