"Crayon Angels" as written by and Judee Sill....
Crayon Angel songs are slightly out of tune
But I'm sure I'm not to blame
Nothing's happened, but I think it will soon
So I sit here waiting for God and a train
To the Astral plane

Magic rings I made have turned my finger green,
And my mystic roses died
Guess reality is not as it seems
So I sit here hoping for truth, and a ride
To the other side

Phony prophets stole the only light I knew
And the darkness softly screamed
Holy visions disappeared from my view,
But the angels come back and laugh in my dreamsâ?¦
I wonder what it meansâ?¦

Lyrics submitted by Theresa_Gionoffrio

"Crayon Angels" as written by Judee Sill


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    General Commentok...i am probably one of judee sill's biggest fans EVER!!! if you are also familiar with her work and life history, it will be easily contrived that she was under the influence of one if not all of the following substances...

    * Alcohol
    * Amphetamines
    * Cocaine and Crack
    * Cough and Cold Medicines (DXM)
    * Depressants
    * Ecstasy
    * GHB
    * HEROIN
    * Inhalants
    * Ketamine
    * LSD
    * Marijuana
    * Methamphetamine
    * Rohypnol

    ...and from there may we understand and interpret the true meaning of this song along with many others.
    jrlaffreyon July 27, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThere is definitely something here of a hallucinatory quality, but it seems even more to be about Sill's expectation and hope for revelation, which might not be coming soon enough.
    The idea of "crayon angels" reminds me of the Beatles, although I don't know to what extent Sill was influenced by them. (I think of newspaper taxis, cellophane flowers and marmalade skies).
    The song definitely ends on a note of doubt, and doubt seems to replace any hope at mystical revelation..."I wonder what it means." With this type of doubt, hallucinations might have more reality to them than she once thought.
    qsaxby1on January 27, 2011   Link

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