"To The East" as written by and Verity Susman Emma Gaze....
You din't aground in this flag-wavin
I saw you waiting for the train
And you disappeared
Your face pressed up to the window
You went so far away
And I want to come there too

I want to be with you
I'm just waiting until you say these words;
''Comme back, come back, come back, Oh to me ...''

I'm living near Gdânsk, there's a train, you'd be here soon
There's a life for me and you
The East means so many things
But it could be home; it could be home, it could be home, it could be home,
For you and me
It could be home,it could be home,it could be home, it could be home,

''Come back, Comme back, Comme back, Oh to me ...''
And if you'd ever say those words
I'd come to you, where you are
It's too hard to be apart
The East's not so far away

And it could be home, it could be home, And it could be home, And it could be home
Come back. Come Back, Come back
Oh, to me...

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"To the East" as written by Mia Clarke Emma Gaze


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    General CommentEvery single time I hear the beginning of this song I expect Win Butler to start singing Rebellion (Lies). The resemblance between the two song is huge, at least during the initial 60 seconds or so.
    lampadaon July 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe drums are similar but the synth pulls right out of that comparison at about second 20 for me. Her voice is superb and the song abotu getting away to where you want to be, very nice. I'm said that they're on hiatus now that I've just really discovered them.
    russeon November 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentTo me this song is about a loved one leaving her and she is singing about wanting that person to come back to her. whether its a lover whos left her and she wants them to come back or just a loved one in general. electrelane are amazing.
    ninjanineteenon June 20, 2009   Link
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    My Opinionthe lead guitar riff in this song is fucking amazing. furthermore, i love how it disappears in the middle of the song but comes back towards the end (after the numerous repetitions of "it could be home"). nice touch; great composition!

    my impression of the song's meaning: the persona longs to be with someone, as suggested by the ff lines:

    "i want to be with you...", ...
    "the East ain't so far away, but it could be home to you & me," ...
    "'come back, come back home to me,' i'm just waiting until you say those words," ...

    furthermore, "come -back- home to me" imply that they used to live together (more specifically, they used to share a home). the persona is probably longing for somebody who decided to leave. how sad.

    and oh, the lead guitar is so awesome. just had to say that again...
    Niccoloon May 13, 2012   Link

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