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From a begging man
To your father's friend
And that cop who pulled me over on Beverly Glen
I've had a famous man
On his fire escape
And countless dinner dates

And a warm bed, well that's something
But that alone just ain't enough
So I roll on, roll on

But it's just no fun
When your heart belongs to a son of a gun

A shooting rifle, a firing range
I'm pistol-whipped, I'll never be the same
But I love him, yes I do
And he's gonna do what he's gonna do
So I roll on, roll on

When I knocked you down, you called my bluff
You pushed me over, fair enough
In high schools, hospitals, on holidays
I've seen your face in every goddamn state
My overdose, it was almost too late
You said it aged you when you saw my face

And a warm bed, well that was something
And history’s horse keeps on thumping
And it rolls on, rolls on

But it’s just no fun
When you hate the person you’ve become

Bitter, lonely, and isolated, before I know it I’ll be an old maid

But I love love, yes I do
Even when its weight cripples you
It rolls on, rolls on

I never loved that other man
He’s a fairy tale that I can’t have
And now I know how a fairy tale feels
You wanna marry me, you say that I’m the real deal

And I just don’t know how I got stuck
Guess there’s muscle memory for love
And if you try hard enough
You might once again call my bluff
Or you can roll on, roll on

But it’s just no fun
When your happiness is on the run
Jumping hurdles in life’s 10k,
It’s a marathon and love’s too late

But a warm bed is as good as it gets
Let’s settle down and have a couple of kids
And do like your parents did,
Or we can roll on, roll on, roll on

Lyrics submitted by xhanax, edited by tibia

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    General CommentSo far my favorite track on the new album. Jenny Lewis's voice coupled with Figurine's distorted mixing is quite purtiful.

    My song interpretation: The bittersweet life of a drifter.
    orionziteon May 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI completely agree. This is my favorite song on the new album, too. I just have one minor quibble. I think the third line is "And that cop who pulled me over on Beverly Glen." Beverly Glen is a street in Los Angeles
    duke_of_flatbushon May 31, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song is incredible. it's so honest. it's about the tear you feel between staying and leaving. settling down or being a drifter with the threatening fate of becoming an "old maid". and figurines distortion does kick, i agree orionzite.
    yummyindietuneson July 22, 2007   Link
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    General Commentso in the opening first jenny is kinda talking about all the men she's had. apparently a lot of different people and men that just took her on dinner dates. "and a warm bed thats something..." these lines are saying that it's nice to have someone to wake up next to but it's not enough if you're not in love, so she "roll's on" i.e. keeps moving. the next verse talks about her being in love with a "son of a gun" and various gun metaphors. i think she's basically saying she's actually in love with a guy who is kind of a loose cannon and it might not have been the healthiest of relationships which she expresses in her anger "your goddamn face" and the violence in the relationship "i knocked you down... you pushed me over". Despite all these hardships she still loves this guy and she's kinda blinded by her love for love "but i love love yes i do even when its weight cripples you."

    lets see... the next part when she says "I never loved that other man, He’s a fairy tale ..."

    I think shes telling someone new in her life that the old relationship was bs and now she wants to settle down. Then she talks about how she got "stuck" in bad relationships. She says the "muscle memory for love" messed her up which basically means her first relationships taught her the wrong things about love and she didnt get out of them till now.

    the ending i think is bitter sweet. you kind of wonder whether she just settled after being exhausted or she really found true love. in my head i think she's jaded by her experiences and is sadly musing that she can't get much more than a warm bed. but she could always just keep rolling on to find out...
    d1rgeon August 21, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis is also my favorite track thus far on the album but in my opinion the song is about the depressing aftermath of a relationship turned sour and how love takes a LONG time to get over. She wants so badly to find the happiness she once knew being in love but instead she just rolls on and on..
    vinceoneon December 24, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe first half of the song, she describes her heart belonging to a son of a gun and in the second half she describes a second man who looks too good to be true (a fairy tale) who wants to marry her because she is "the real deal." Maybe she feels the temptation to go with this good man -she knows "how a fairy tale feels" - this man who promises to marry despite her baggage and past. But the fairy tale man doesn't match her "muscle memory for love." Maybe the fairy tale man wants to be her rescuer or Prince Charming or any sort of knight in shinning armor - but she either feels that "he's a fairy tale that I can’t have" maybe because she doesn't deserve him. Or maybe that she doesn't believe in fairy tales anymore. Maybe she knows better now that this guy wanting and trying to be her fairy tale hero is really just as human and frail like anybody else. The third thread in this song is she is scared of being an old maid - all bitter and lonely inside and being with somebody in a warm bed is better than hating "the person you've become." So the end of the song, she's thought about how she hates being bitter and alone and decided its better to get married to the good guy and "have a couple of kids" and settle rather then become more bitter and alone.
    gravitylevityon October 08, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThere's three parts to this song.

    The first is her going through the dating crap that everyone goes through.She never finds the fulfillment that she needs from these men so she moves on.

    The she finds someone who claims her heart. A son of gun who rejects her. (the lyrics posted here are wrong; the song goes And he's gonna do what he's gonna do/ He'll roll on, roll on)

    She goes crazy getting over him, thinking of him constantly getting depressed, harming herself. She comes to realise that she's getting bitter. Instead of giving in she realises that she cant do without love no matter how painful it is.

    So along comes this other man. She tells him that the son of a gun was not love but an unobtainable fairy tale and considering how it went last time, she's no longer looking for a fairytale. He is offering her a safer deal and she's wondering how she ended up with him.

    The end of the song is her trying to work out whether what she has found with this second man is enough to keep her satisied, if she has missed her chance at passionate love and she should go for something steadier and longer lasting.

    Or if she should keep searching for that feeling. Something more than just a warm bed.
    sparrowonthewingon November 09, 2008   Link
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    General Commentits about the romanticism of love, and the grip on reality, however painful that may be. an existential crisis
    gummy_bon February 15, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song would be awesome if it wasn't for all the stupid blips and electronic droning crap going on behind Jenny's angelic vocals.
    emsquaredon May 07, 2009   Link
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    General Commentwhat exactly is a "muscle memory for love"?
    peachesxxon June 14, 2009   Link

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