Didn't want to go there
and I didn't want to see her
with her dishwater gowns
and her jars full of dimes

I didn't want to see her and
I didn't want to go there
where the grass bleeds brown
and the wind knows my crimes

and the boys on the corner
still hanging around
watch me slip
watch me slither
watch me slide into town

I didn't want to see her
and I didn't want to go there
where the windows will sag
and the porch twitched for the lack of her

I didn't want to see her and
I didn't want to go there
but I didn't even knock
she's got eyes in the back of her

and the girls in their daisy dukes
are waiting for the rain
spilling slurpies on themselves
and I think it'll stain

standin' on the doorway
I can smell her yellow smile
I say, "baby, I'm home."
she says, "Jamie, I'm goin' out."

think if I did it your way
there'd be stains on the tile
she don't wash the floors
if I did they'd find out

she wipes off her hands
and she heads for the door
but I'm rooted to the threshold
I'm a lead man on the floor

she ain't good she aint wicked
she aint stupid she aint scared
she's just kissin' me hard
just to show she don't care

she says, "I ain't no little girl
I invited you in, 'cause my time's
been up a long time
but you ain't gonna win

now I am in a pocket
though my breath is hot and foul
I do not hear her gun go off
but from somewhere there's a howl

and three old women chewing tobacco and yarn
called the sheriff
when they found her on the floor of the barn
won't never go back there
no I won't ever go back there
with the crows as fat as turkeys
and the buzzards buzzing 'round
where the trees are reaching up
though they're buried in the ground

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