Bird came to my window, and said "What?
You let me in there once, now what the hell?
What I wouldn't give for arms to hold you.
We are creatures of such like desire."

I said "Sorry, but I didn't mean it then.
Now I know that I am sorrier than I have ever been."

Fevered was the night you first appeared.
You flew around my kitchen drunk and wild.
I held out my hand and there you landed.
And begged for me to put you back outside.

I said "Sorry, but I didn't mean it then.
Now I know that I am sorrier than I have ever been."
You said "Lately I've been doubtful of the spring.
You should stay right here and I'll take care of everything."
Bird flew through my window and said
"Look at me. I have flown right through this glass unscathed."
"But bird," I cried, "that window was wide open."
Then he stared right through me in the strangest way.

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Bird as Prophet song meanings
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    General CommentThis isn't unnecessarily vague, but it is an astoundingly beautiful metaphor for the phenomenon of external entities getting to know a self.
    iagoAdmireron July 12, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this song is primarily about coming of age and trying to make sense of budding romantic feelings, unrequited love, and general angst.

    Literally, what happens is as follows.

    A bird flies through a woman's window, and gets lost, fluttering around the room, trying to escape. She finds him and he begs her to put him outside, which she does.

    Later, he returns and asks to be let back in, and is surprised when she doesn't want to let him back in. She says that she's sorry, but she didn't mean it then, and she's sorry at how things have since played out.

    Finally, the bird flies in and seems self-satisfied that he was able to find a way in, and she tells him that the window was open the whole time.

    There are a few ways to look at this. Either the bird (ie. a would-be lover) sort of falls into a relationship with the singer, but doesn't know how he feels, and then breaks it off, only to realize that he actually cared for her more than he realized at first. The singer says she isn't interested in him and didn't mean to lead him on, but in the end they get together, and she lets him know that despite what she says, the window (ie. her heart) was open the whole time.

    Alternatively, the bird needs a friend and the singer is willing to be a good friend, but keeps her distance and lets him go when he's ready. But when the bird realizes that he actually loves her, she tells him that she only wanted to be his friend. And when he's able to get close to her and is triumphant in his success, she points out that she never intended to shut him out either, just as she never wanted to love him.

    Basically, the theme of falling into an uncertain situation (ie. a bird accidentally flying into a room), being rescued/released, and then returning for more only to discover that the situation has changed (possibly permanently).
    btswanfuryon February 07, 2010   Link

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