Uh uh uh uh ha Citizen Smif
Okay revolution
Smash your remote control
Put your fist in the air
Put your kick through the fucking screen of your TV
Yo’ check it y’all

Don’t ever hand me a dead mic
Hand me a light and a Red Stripe
Before you end up Columbian neck tied
Run from your death get caught in the next life
Hit with a very heavy lead pipe
Lets fight
Like low lives on a liquor binge
Throwing broken bottles and litterbins
Spitting in Tony Blair’s face
‘Cause I’m sick of him
I apply strict discipline
Citizen Smif’s scribbling
Liberation, provocation
Start revolution
Selling eights to an eighth of the population
Giving them a proper education
And lot of fakes hate wait stop concentrate on the reverberation
Words with the bass bin
Place Bin Laden
With his face in the basin shaving
That’s when you see me behaving
You were raving now you’re getting scraped off the pavement

Birth control
Birth control

Yo’ yo’
Give me your heart and I’ll rip it in half
Twisting grass ‘til each eyes like a miniature Mars
Start shit and I’ll finish it fast
You’re a little fish swimming with sharks
Old man you can’t live in the past
I spit a billion brilliant bars
And leave your head spinning with a vision of stars
And then fling a million darts
So militant I even leave innocent civilians scarred
I’m carnivorous, char grill idiots
Laugh last and laugh the loudest
Dark as the darkest cloud is
Looming over haunted houses
You would’ve never stepped out if you’d thought about it
No doubt your outlook’s bleak as the weather forecast
When the storm starts I’m on a warpath
Teeth chatter when I walk past hearts of glass shatter
I shape planets out of dark matter
The masked man
I manoeuvre through Martian marshland
Marking my turf with a can of Car plan
Magnificent shit
On the mic way larger than life
Like silicone tits
It’s the sick city script spitting Citizen Smif
Builin' a spliff
Tanked up Billy the fish like!

Birth control
Birth control

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