Garbed in crude shadow she stands before me
Pale like supple marble, a statue of purity
Innocence even drifts from twixt her milky thighs
A scent so sickly sweet a spell of dizziness arrives
Taking away my breath I find myself upon the floor
Staring up to heaven, her pearly gates and more
Thrashed upon a bed of velvet crushed and needing air
She pounces upon her prey like a plague this passion predator

Her blank eyes stare through me, as with her lips she parts them wide
Her fangs strike deep into my core, spewing for her my life

Garbed in moistened crimson she sways above me
Inebriated by my blood she breathes debauchery
Caressing my chest with her fingers like sharpened knives
Waning from my blood loss a spell of giddiness arrives
Taking away my life I feel her lips upon my skin
I stare up to the heavens to escape her eyes of sin
Splashed upon her mouth I see the stains of scarlet gore
She rolls her head towards the skies and parts her lips for more

Her bare skin grinds upon me, as I writhe with a final rasp
I know I’ll die this moment, here in pestilence’s pleasant grasp

Even as she tears my throat and the room begins to turn
Upside down and insides out I can see my stomach churn
I still feel the wretched plague in my ebbing risen core
I would give anything to hold her just for a second more
And so now I’ve reached, the end of the line
As she rakes her cold claws down my spine
Pulling the cord, the light finally dies
Plunged into darkness yet I still feel her eyes
Through the ear-splitting silence I still hear her sighs
Close my eyes and my mind as I reach my demise
And her wicked laughter still spreads like disease
Even in death my soul will never rest in peace

Lyrics submitted by I The Samhain Feast

My Passion Predator song meanings
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