Charlie Brown had a big block head wore a stripy sweater everyday
Tried to kick the football but Lucy always pulled the mother fucker away
Flew a kite so he’d try to relax but he always put that shit in a tree
And a little red-headed girl wouldn’t give no play to poor Chuck B
They were the badest fuckers in the funny papers PEANUTS!

Onto a security blanket, Linus VanPelt would latch
Snuggling to that bitch to keep warm while waiting in a pumpkin patch
Had a stalker named Sally Brown well she always tried to get her some
She loved the way he knew the meaning of Christmas and the sexy way he sucked that thumb
Well Marma Dukes a hobo Garfield is a pussy PEANUTS!

Oh Peanuts crazy Peanuts
A bunch of kids trying to be free yeah
Take my hand and let’s dance know
Under Charlie’s shitty Christmas tree

Well Marcy was best friends with Patty Peppermint
She would love to do things to that girl that Charles M. Schulz can’t print
Pigpen was a dusty dude who couldn’t keep his own ass clean
All the teachers said “wa wa wa wa wa” what does that shit mean?
Snoopy said “Red baron suck my beagle dick” PEANUTS!

Oh Peanuts crazy Peanuts
Come from the school of hard knocks
Life’s not always bowls of candy
Sometimes you just get a bag of rocks

Lucy was a psychiatrist but her comments always gave offense
And the bitch couldn’t make no money cause she’d charge a mother fucker 5 cents
All the ladies loved that Schroeder cause he’d play the 80’s hits real good
And Franklin was a real cool cat but the only brother in that hood
Sometimes you have to shout “Good grief” into the heavens GOOD GRIEF!

Oh Peanuts crazy Peanuts
Don’t let this mean world get you down
Take that kite and fly high now
You’re a good man Charlie Brown

Oh Peanuts crazy Peanuts
A bunch of kids trying to be free
Take my hand and let’s dance now
Under Charlie’s shitty Christmas tree

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