"Enter Rain" as written by and Daniel Gildenloew....
In just a year another storm will come
To wash away an inch more blood
Its lack of hatred, politics or creed
Left us blind, open wide, our gun hands tied
For this old world has seen the worst of us
Its love worn thinner by the day
And every ounce of havoc, that we wreaked upon it
Got the best of us, oh, and the rest is for us

Let it rain...

Enter rain...
Exit pain

In seven years ago I'll see a man
A moment stretched out over years
His eyes just flicker and then something changed
An empty cage, a crimson bud, sprung out in mud
Let it rain
In just ten minutes I will see a child
Buying milk all dressed up in rags
And without thinking he will cover up his naked hand
To the cold, oh, and that gives me hope

Let it rain...

Enter rain...
Exit pain

And the rain will wash us to the bone
Leaving thousands in its trail
Cleansing all the flesh wounds
Of our time, of every crime
Of every pound of dust and grime

In two seconds I will hit the ground
A moment stretched out over years
And my eyes will flicker and then something has changed
An empty cage, a crimson bud, a street of blood
A city rose sprung out to greet the rain

You'll never remember my name
But I will love you just the same
You'll never remember my name
But I love you just the same
Just the same
Just the same
You'll never remember my name
But I love you just the same
Just the same

Enter rain...
(A city rose)
(A street of blood)

In two seconds I will hit the ground...

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"Enter Rain" as written by Daniel Gildenloew


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    General CommentThis song deals about society. Daniel shows the link to the perfect element part I. In that album the charakter has taken all his decissions. Now he has to live with them. In the same way you can translate this meaning to society. The society has taken all decissions. Now it has to live with them(e.g. fast food, elevators, tv, selling yourself). The only way out of this hell is to die and to enter rain.
    funkgotton April 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song continues from Flame to the Moth, now 'He' actually jumps off the building.
    "Running, standing, falling"
    "In two seconds I will hit the ground"
    "A street of blood"

    Also note, "Seven years ago..." could refer to TPE part I.
    o210non May 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentFunkgott, I feel, is correct in his interpretation. The whole song is how society will have to deal with the consequences of its actions, politics, and violence. The song touches on the chaos, pain, and hardship humanity will have to deal with once the emprires start crumbling.
    NapalmNewton October 15, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe song could also be called let us cry. Walk with me...

    I'll take you on a trip through the life of the slightly disturbed lyrical "I" of the song.

    He's a man who hasn't closed his mind to the horrible injustice of the world. He sees everything, he notices how sad the world has become. It brings him to tears. He lets them fall to calm himself down.

    He passes by people on the streets, who work their hands to the bone, work till they bleed, just to keep a roof over their families heads. He sees them crying silently at the hopelessness of their lives, or becoming numb. He even sometimes notices that some can't take it anymore, and commit suicide in quiet ways. It might also be that he sees them killed by muggers, who use taking their hard earned cash to keep their own lazy asses out of doing anything productive. It may also refer to both these groups. Anyway... he sees their deaths as small flower buds of blood, tiny stains on the system. Too small to be noticed by the numb society. Again, he lets himself cry.

    Then he sees a child, poor, hungry, most probably ill due to being malnourished.. But the child doesn't sit and cry. It has strength to go on living. Seeing that not only despair exists, he gains hope for mankind. A hope that was long gone in him. It hurts. He takes the remedy in the form of tears once more.

    The tears that have been helping for years are no longer enough... Subconsciously he sees that silent tears will not change anything. They will be an homage to the fallen, but will not stop the cruelty of the world. He can't live in such a world anymore, but at least he knows a way to make his death meaningful. His suicide will be a scream. A wake up call for the ones remaining in this world, a shout that something has to change, and that they are not alone in their misery. He chooses a 10 floor building and jumps.

    In his last two seconds he realizes consciously why he is jumping. The ground gets closer. He smiles with a flicker from tears forming in his eyes. He hits the ground. Splat. His blood spreads out on the street, hitting the ground floor windows, shocking the people out of their numb state. He dies knowing that his suicide will be talked about for months, hoping that it will change something.

    It is nothing more than an interpretation. Daniel loves to give us these shocking one-man stories. Recall "Plains of Dawn", for example. Heck, even Iter Impius, though we can't just as easily feel pity and compassion for Mr Money as for the other characters he places in these extreme situations. Please, point out errors in my reasoning if you think there are any.

    Why do I say it's a 10 floor building? I place his point of realization at the point of jumping. Acceleration of 9.81 meters per second. 2 seconds so he travels 2 times as much in the second second. :P So: 9.81 + 2 x 9.81 = 29.43 meters. 29.43... Let us simplify it to 30... so... Adding the space for pipes and cables to the 2.something meter floors gives us around 3 meters per floor. He falls for 2 seconds, which means he goes 30 meters before he hits. 3 meters per floor... 10 floors. Q.E.D. <--Typed this thing so you guys to see I'm not some silly romantic with a low IQ, making a sap-story.
    Longandweirdnameon July 17, 2010   Link

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