What if I lay here
And sang every song I know
Would you stay?
Would you go away?

I'm not much for conversation
I sing songs all day
Guitar strummin'
Words on the strings where I play
Whisper me something
Any sound will do
I want some secrets just between me and you
The sky is gray, my clouds are blue, very blue
The sun is the strangest hue
I'm choosin' a lover who's
Color-confusin' my point of view

What if I lay here
And sang every song I know?
Would you stay?
Would you go away?

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Color Confused song meanings
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    General CommentI am so surprised no one has commented this,well no one really knows jaymay either,so i guess i understand.

    this song is just about lovers,or possibly even just a crush jaime has on a guy,and felt inspired,wrote a song.
    "im not much for conversation"
    meaning shes saying shes really boring,and all she might have to offer at the time,is a song,
    thats my perception of this song.
    you can find yours
    foreveryoursxon August 03, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think that the guy she refers to in this song just doesn't get her at all. I think he must be demanding that she open up to him about something but she clearly expresses herself through her music instead of conversation. She doesn't understand what more he could want from her because she is opening up to him with every song that she sings. I think that's why she wonders if he will stick around if she sings every song that she knows because if she does she feels like there would be nothing left to say about how she's feeling. It also seems like he won't open up to her until she reveals something to him in conversation. He is frustrated that she won't talk to him about things and she is frustrated that he won't tell her how he's feeling. But she knows that she has opened up in the way that she does it best, through music. He doesn't understand this point of view.

    I love this song, btw. I totally relate because I express myself in poetry and in writing. It's so hard to open up in conversation. Anyway, this interpretation is just how I see this song. I would love feedback on what you think...
    MissKrison February 14, 2009   Link
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    General CommentNo no.. I think this is about jamie being in love and being so speechless all that time..
    when we are in love we tend to do that alot..
    we listen to alot of music and sing along so that we can find some words to our feelings..
    this is what she is talking about.

    and colour confusing my world means - turning her world upside down in a flurry of happiness i guess
    Meghna0205on February 19, 2011   Link

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