[Sand sifts through the hourglass as I watch it shatter before my eyes, the time drifts seamlessly through the shards as if they were my fingers. The copper river flows over my palm, washing my hands clean of your detrimental touch. I watched every moment fade right before my eyes but then again I never even cared to blink. I felt you slip away, no, I let you slip away. This is goodbye....]

I can see my reflection in the glass scattered across the bathroom floor, a pale and cold complexion is staring back at me with empty eyes. I'd rather look at a shattered version of myself than face the whole truth, I have become everything I've ever hated. Blood flows down my knuckles from where they underestimated the resilience of glass. Is this what it all has come down to? A few cuts and bruises bound to last no more than a week or two. Isn't that what it always is? [The worst part of all of this was that I saw myself in you, now I can only see myself in this shattered mirror. You've ruined me through this] You don't deserve a happy ending, but then again when are endings ever happy? Have you ever stood and watched something fade from your life with a smile on your face? I didn't think so, now take these final words to heart. I hate you now and always will. This wouldn't be so hard for me if it wasn't my fault in the first place.

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Silent Departures song meanings
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