to all the fallen...
your goals will never be achieved
in light of what has happened...
filthy vermin invading every right to believe
your lavish order is now disorder...
in my dreams, or sick fantasies
bodied bags, toes tagged
in delight of a nation growing sicker
a cheap imitation of life takes over
thriving forward, absorbing yours and making it mine
slowly forcing souls to my side
a god among the pray to get the story straight
a god among the waste, we should never have to live this way
a god among the waste
a highness to destroy this state.
to all forgotten...your strategy is received
but its not as you expected
you can't match my hatred
evading every issue unseen
no common knowledge or fortitude inbetween

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A GOD AMONG THE WASTE song meanings
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    General CommentThis song seems to be about a person coming to grips with the harsh realities that we are all slowly waking up to.. call it the NEW WORLD ORDER, the FALLEN ONES.. whatever... this person sees whats been going on and is making it clear "your goals will never be achieved,
    in light of what has happened..." what has happened is, the steady take over and break down of our society by the evil, rich, elite or "fallen". This person is getting visions, dreams of the "endgame" scenarios of mass deaths of the increasingly brainwashed and complacent society. Sickened by the "cheap imitation of life" being sold to us, taking over the world.
    Then, possibly speaking from the NWO perspective: "thriving forward, absorbing yours and making it mine,slowly forcing souls to my side" The person sees these people trying to become "god, among the waste" but hopes the story is correct, and not just crazy talk "you pray to get the story straight" Then this person seems to address those who have come before who tried to fight this battle and wake poeple up "to all forgotten...your strategy is received" but he wants to take it to the next level because "you can't match my hatred
    evading every issue unseenno common knowledge or fortitude inbetween"

    I hope we all have the strength to find the truth and peacefully revolt against this tyranny. Thank You WOLRD UNDER BLOOD!!!!…
    TheVeilBetweenon February 16, 2010   Link
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    Song Meaning"A fan favorite, this was one of the first songs we wrote. I remember doing the vocals with Logan Mader engineering and I had the lyrics, but no vocal pattern or melody ideas. We pressed 'record' and that's what happened. I wanted it to start the record off because it just kicks in with the fastest blast on the whole cd and the song ends very mellow. there's a lot of dynamics. the bridge riff reminds me a lot of DEATH''s Spiritual Healing. Lyrically its pretty much about finding a legitimate political leader, and finally cleaning up the U.S. When will we finally be desensitized as a nation to political correctness and just do what needs to be done?" - Deron Miller
    ListenToCKYon July 26, 2011   Link
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    Song Meaning"Probably my favorite song off of the album. I think it's one of the most perfect songs I've ever written. Child abuse makes me fucking sick and this song pretty much gives my unrestrained opinion. A lot of people enjoy claiming that metal is the most evil form of music, but actually it's the only genre that artists tend to explore serious subject matter, and try to take a stance against things they believe are not right. The opening riff is one of the hardest riffs to play on guitar, and I shot myself in the foot when I wrote it because no matter how much I practice it, it doesn't get any easier. Out of 20 years of songwriting this song is in my top 5. Killer drumming and awesome solos." - Deron Miller
    ListenToCKYon July 26, 2011   Link

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