embrace the end of august
counting down the hours
my pulse is racing to the freeze of the breeze
always dreading summer's conclusion into autumn's intrusion
it begins the swelling of this twisted disease
bone broken, glass smashed
vein is open, skin's slashed
exhausting all solutions to the highest degree
chemicals collide, tainted inside
awoken in the dark by the tremors comsuming me
a poison chosen, polluting the essence to be
a temporary fix to mask the agony
kill me at once, because that's what it wants
an anxiety increase beyond a person's belief
panic stricken, body sickened
razors deepen, red seeping
i utilize my being for inflicting battery
under the autumn low
misery destroying the beauty of life
under the autumn low
intuition decieved by the threat of homicide
living in chains without the words to explain
existing in the past where only memories remain
focus unclear, a stagnant exercise in fear
without an answer, gut reaction...the end is near
save me

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UNDER THE AUTUMN LOW song meanings
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    General CommentHow the hell did you obtain these lyrics, the song hasn't even been put out yet!?
    MrKASADYon May 26, 2007   Link
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    Song Meaning"The 2nd song we wrote, and the ruff mix ended up on MySpace. Some people, such as myself have something called S.A.D...."seasonal affective disorder"....mine has hit me every other year from August until December since I was 19. Basically , these people get severely depressed during a certain season, usually autumn. Many have problems during winter as well. I'm very proud of the riffs and arrangements in this song and I love the trade off of solos between me and James Murphy. I've been dreaming of trading off with Murphy since i was 11, and this song made it happen. The funny thing is, I am no lead guitarist, but I pull of some pretty cool licks. I also dig the scream at the end, no tricks, no pro-tools or punch in's...It really is that long. Tim's fills and drumming on this one are just out of fucking control and amazing." - Deron Miller
    ListenToCKYon July 26, 2011   Link

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