"War of Ages" as written by Taylor Armstrong, Kevin Fyfe, Jake Ortiz, Matthew Pauling and Jeff Veta....
The bones of the bodies serve as pillars to this scene.
The corpses of the fallen sprawled so beautifully.
The artist dead.
We put a bullet in his head.
Now we paint with red,
the only color in which we shed.

And death loves this war of ages.
Seeing faces lacerated. [2x]
And in this war we're dying, dying alone.

The smoke of the pyres blankets this lone death bed.
We're finally leaving,
so says the dead.

Rape me.
Take me.
Take me on down.
It’s been a long time a coming,
so take the crown.

And death loves this war of ages.
Seeing faces lacerated. [2x]
And in this war we're fighting, fighting alone.

Can you smell the honor,
or is it the flesh?
This what you condone?
This is what you get.
We annihilate all we don’t know.
We keep shaking hands with the fucking devil.

Shake me.
Break me on down. [2x]

And I saw the man in the middle the road, yeah.
His gun it spoke to me.
It smiled and shone.

And I shot a man in the middle the road, yeah.
And I watched him dying there.
I smiled and moaned,

“Die alone,
I hope you burn in hell.” [4x]

Die alone, burn in hell.
Die alone.
Die alone and burn.
Die alone and burn.

Burn, burn, burn in hell. [2x]

Yeah you can burn in hell [2x]

Death loves this war of ages.
Seeing faces lacerated. [2x]

And in this war we're dying, we’re dying alone.

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    General CommentOkay, I want to give this song props. I hate people who don't say what they think the song means and just comment with love... so, let me quickly conclude it has something to do with war. And how stupid it is. And scary and useless, or maybe it's some emo relationship hyperbole. Iuno, it's a good song. Catchy.
    nazzy06on May 03, 2007   Link
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    General Commentlyrically: I think the song bashes war and death, etc. musically: this song is really awesome. well written, and skillfully played. there are some tasty riffs in this song, tell you what, and the vocals are well-done and carried out with much driving emotion. four and a half stars at the least.
    Jonfoolon August 09, 2007   Link
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    General Commentoh yeah, and I forgot to mention that I'm pretty disappointed that this song wasn't included on "Requiem" when it was realeased, because it's one of the band's finest pieces IMO, and it wouldn't have done any harm to just throw it somewhere on the track list since there's only ten tracks anyway.
    Jonfoolon August 09, 2007   Link

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