Place, this is where
The giants roam, and their horses stand so tall
And their fists engaged
And fingers bent back to the palm, except one

You ain't seen nothing yet

And all my judges burn, from their gunshot eyes
A direct line that travels at the speed of light
Into my heart, into my mind
I read between the lions
The forest grows from their eyes

I was not placed upon the grass
Of this ever fading earth
For a standing ovation, and its romance
I was placed for the warning, so heed the warning

And they cannot look away
For if they do
And cross paths with a wall
That reflects all it sees
And it shows the truth
Shows the fake
Shows the past
Show all of the mistakes
And it shows everything
That they refuse to see

Because if there's blood on the roots
Then there's blood on the branches

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    General Commentthis might not be completely correct but here's what i got out of it:

    the first part is talking about people that are always blaming others(fingers bent back to the palm, except one) besides that im not sure what the first few lines mean

    the chariot is a christian band so when he writes and says in the middle that he was not placed on the earth just to live life for himself(standing ovation and its romance) he was placed for a purpose. he believes that the world is coming to an end(grass of this ever fading earth) and that he must warn others before its too late(i was placed for the warning, so heed the warning)

    then when he writes about blood on the roots and blood on the branches i think he is saying that if Christ's pure and innocent blood is your foundation(roots) then you too are covered with it and cleansed of sins(branches)

    if not too sure how accurate all that is but i love the chariot and the way that josh scogin writes, they are brilliant and this is the best song from their new album
    disconnecktyleron June 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentGiants roam/ horses stand so tall - Belittling someone (i.e. making yourself feel big)/Riding a high horse (i.e. Making yourself feel big)
    It's about selfish stuck-up pigs.
    Invader Z?on August 18, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthe breakdown 'if there's blood on the roots then there is blood on the branches' I dunno I always assumed it was talking about like the fruits of the spirit, and how if you are not anchored in christ (blood on the roots) then the fruits of your life will be hollow and not of God (blood on the branches) i always took this lyric as sort of a warning on being grounded in the bible and in god.
    Sekhemneton February 27, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"If there's Blood on the Roots, then there's blood on the branches"

    Josh Scogin himself saidm in an interview, that this basically means "What's on the inside will inevitably come out."

    I learned this the hard way. One night at a party I cracked a very racist joke. Now I am in no way a racist, and as a Chistian I try hard to avoid profanity and lsander like that. And most of the time I am successful. But this time it just slipped out.
    I was ashamed and felt terrible. But then I examined my life and found out the problem: profane music and TV shows that often use this kind of humor (this joke came from South Park).

    It finaly made sense to me: what's on the inside; what you live by, will come out, like it or not. So the choice is yours:

    Be rooted in God, truth, and love and your branches will bear sweet, righteous fruit,
    Or be rooted in sin and profanity (blood) and you will bear bloody, bitter, hateful fruit, such as racist jokes.

    Now just because I watch obscene shows doesn't mean I'm not a christian, but they do affect me nonetheless. I realised that If I were to be a better example of Christ's love then I should try to cut out filth and obsceneity (or at least in TV shows; avoiding sin altogether is impossible).

    Anyways, I hope you can learn from this and avoid the mistakes I made.
    Thank you, Josh Scogin.
    FlabongoBoyon March 23, 2009   Link
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    General Commentoh and FYI "between the lions" was a kid's show, although perhaps Lion in this case refers to God
    FlabongoBoyon March 23, 2009   Link
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    basically, the lyric refers to josh staying true to what he is, i.e. music, its in him so it will come out
    stalinshakeon August 29, 2010   Link

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