I have often said
that I would like to be dead
in shark's mouth

a woman swimming under
her warm breath sendin' a thunder
on two parts south

and love is stripped and frayed
and duty is delayed
until next life

someone has my mind
holding yes so kind
it is my wife

and my home is the sea
my home is the sea
look not for me

my home is the sea
disaster flies upon me
and i sleep
we can see the house lights
colored from a distance
for a party as a dream

my tongue will into me
my arms unfold these seeds
cause im a strong man

and do not love my tummy
is round and firm and funny
and thats what i am

my home is the sea
my home is the sea

i am under your spell
you will have me i reckon
and the drowning this town
as a drowning i welcome

i know nothing and im over joyed
i know nothing and im over joyed
i know nothing and im over joyed

god gave you life and thought
now its ours to waste
i have the finest love
and the finest taste

see her when im home
i am home

you are home

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    Song Meaning[sorry if the use of "stanzas" doesn't line up, i was looking at other lyrics when i wrote this]

    Main Theme:
    This song details the feelings of Euphoria, Carnal Pleasure, Bliss, and Transcendence that a man feels while receiving fellatio from his wife.

    First Stanza:
    Death in a "shark's mouth" is referring to having an orgasm during fellatio from a woman. The "shark" is the woman, due to the general theme of the deceit and treachery of women throughout the album. And using the shark is just to go along with the "sea" metaphor, choosing the deadliest, most cunning, most sleek creature in the sea.

    He even gives shark qualities to the woman, "swimming under", to re-enforce the metaphor. The last two lines are the most literal description in the song of the actual act being performed. Thunder is, by common knowledge/explanation, the sonic emittance which occurs after the rapid expansion of air molecules surrounding a lightning strike, due to the intense heat produce by the lightning strike. This idea gives recognition to said line by seeing the warm breath producing almost an explosion, the orgasm. "Parts South" are quite obviously the man's genitals.

    Second Stanza:
    Death is another reference to an orgasm, the most obvious link would be in the french idiomatic translation of orgasm: Le Petit Mort. The Little Death.

    The Second Stanza details the event in how everything about the two people, the love, their life, their duties are put aside as a carnal pleasure is experienced in full.

    Mind could mean mind or it could be a reference to brain and again another reference to fellatio or the male genitalia.

    The Sea is again a higher plane where one is taken during such a euphoria so you will not find him, until he is going to come back down and also because it is an unreachable place except on your own.

    This stanza helps if you take the last three lines and read them as one sentence and then put a comma between 'party' and 'as'.

    The next stanza is pretty straightforward in this context. Round and Firm and Funny are describing his general feeling after the act has been finished, and he is still round and firm, and feels kind of funny from all the endorphins.

    The Next 3 Stanzas are the Chorus, already touched upon, and then a straightforward reference to the orgasm, in 'drowning'. And then there is the common saying that Ignorance is Bliss, so in this sense knowing nothing is a feeling of bliss, the orgasm.

    Life and Thought are possibly a reference to the sperm which carries the genes and potential for life, which are basically wasted in a carnal act meant only for pleasure. The finest love is his wife, and the finest taste is his reciprocation of the act by performing cunnilingus.

    And the end, they both finished and are happy.

    All in all, the sweetest, smoothest, most mellow, and dirtiest song ever.

    All hail bonnie 'prince' billy.
    SamanthaSecretAgenton September 22, 2009   Link
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    General Comment[proper lyrics]

    I have often said
    That I would like to be dead
    In shark's mouth
    A woman swimming under
    Her warm breath sending a thunder
    Onto parts south

    And love is stripped and frayed
    Duty is delayed
    Until next life
    Someone has my mind
    Holding it so kind
    It is my wife

    And my home is the sea
    My home is the sea
    Look not for me

    And my home is the sea
    Disaster flies upon me
    And I scream
    Now we can see the house lights
    Colored from a distance
    For a party as a dream

    And tumble into me
    My arms enfold thee sea
    'Cause I'm a strong man
    And good night love, my tummy
    Is round and firm and funny
    And that's what I am

    And my home is the sea
    My home is the sea

    And I am under your spell
    And you will have me I reckon
    And the drowning this town
    Is a drowning I welcome

    I know nothing and I'm overjoyed
    I know nothing and I'm overjoyed
    I know nothing and I'm overjoyed

    God gave you life and thought
    Now it's ours to waste
    I have the finest love
    And the finest taste

    And with the sea air in my lungs
    I am home
    (You are home)
    SamanthaSecretAgenton September 23, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI Cannot belive no one has commented here. shame. this song is powerful and amazing. god bless will oldham
    peepeeheadon November 17, 2007   Link

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