Once, once is really something twice
it's just a tease for a little more
One more time I've gotta ask you
come over here cause I got something I'd like to say
Once, once is real easy then
Twice, you're just begging for a little more
One more time I've gotta ask you, come over here
'cause I've got something I've gotta say
It may seem easy for you to penetrate what you
intend to deny, but when it comes back around
Is death the only way to get attention?
Once, once is real early but twice came back
and it got a little rough,
And there I stand in the middle, and I was
by myself like before,
Yeah once, once is real conniving, it's easy now,
When your conniving with me.
You step in my way, well now I have a little more to say.
It may seem easy for you to recognize
What you intend to ignore, but when it cuts back round,
Well death is a sick way for attention
I think there's a little more to be said.
They cut the cord, it cuts everything that's living in me,
Well it all dies anyway
I thought that that might disappear but you penetrate
The will to deny and I'm standing in the dark all over again,
Oh lie on me, that's all I want is you to lie on me,
Why did I see the birds an the sidewalk today,
Split open inside and why do I hear the birds when they're
Squawking over my head, don't let me down
Don't come down on me,
'Cause I just want to know, I need just a little
more time to explain myself.
Once, once is real easy, then twice,

Just ??? for a little more.

One more time I've gotta ask you,
Come over here, sit down, I've got somethin'
That's just begging to get out
Once, once is real conniving,
And twice, you're just begging for a little more
One more time, I'm gonna need you, I can tell
It may seem easy for you to penetrate
Your will to ignore, but when it cuts back round
Death is the sickest way for attention

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    General Comment"Just tease me for a little more" is the missing line =].

    I'm pretty sure it's about a friend attempting suicide... After so many attempts, which people see as pleas for attention, they actually succeed... Which is where "death is the sickest way for attention" comes in.

    I think the POV is from someone who's torn between despising the person, missing them, and wishing they could've done something to stop it from happening.
    LaDiabloon January 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI...don't know. She's talking to someone about their life choices and how they should face their problems instead of denying and ignoring them. She wants this person to confide in her.
    Orange Morendoon June 16, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"It was a good time pal...it surely was." is what's said at the opening.

    And I totally agree with LaDiablo on the meaning.
    thegitsfanon June 27, 2011   Link

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