"We Will" as written by and Ray O'sullivan....
It's over now you've had your fun
Get up them stairs go on quickly
Don't run
Take off your shoes the both of you's
Leave them down outside the door turn the landing light off,
No wait, leave it on it might make the night that easier to be gone
And in the morning who'll be wide a wake and eating snow flakes as
Opposed to those flakes. (We Will) We Will (We Will) We will
That afternoon we spend the day with uncle Frank (remember?) and
His wife auntie Mae well do you know since then I've received
Up to four letters all of which repeat the same they say
Thrilled to bits can't believe you came we relived it both
Over time and time again and if there's
Even a chance or even half you might be our way
Would you promise to stay (We will) We will (We will) We Will
Oh its no easy pretending that you
Cannot hear once you've suffered the reflections within
It's no use in an ending to proclaim from the start that the
Moral of the stories to begin.
On Sunday next if the weather holds we'll have that game
But I bagsy-being-in-goal not because I'm good
Or because I think I should it's just that well at
My age I think standing still would really suit me best
Do we all agree?
Hands up those who do hands up those who don't
I see well in that case will we please be kind enough if not
On Sunday to go to mass on Monday (We will)
We will (We will ) We will yeah yeah (We will)

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"We Will" as written by Ray O'sullivan

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    General CommentA lovely but deeply melancholy song. The narrator would seem to be a Dad with no Mum evident in the song. She has left him or died, not clear, and he gets through the days cajoling his 2 kids, visiting relatives, having breakfast, playing football, all the time wondering how to start again without her. In most stories the moral if there is one is at the end, in this story the moral is there is no end, just beginnning, again and again.

    I find the line "Turn the landing light off, no wait, leave it on
    It might make the night that much easier to be gone" very poignant, seeing him sitting alone when the kids are in bed, thinking.
    pconlon December 19, 2012   Link
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    General Commentoh my god my song got put on =D
    well i love this song
    i think it pretty much tells a story and the meanings pretty straight-forward when you listen to the lyrics
    except this one bit:
    "It's not easy pretending that you cannot hear
    Once you've suffered the affliction within
    It's no use in an ending to proclaim from the start
    That the moral of the story's to begin"
    what does that mean? =s
    personno.1on April 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI knew this song for a long while before I began to feel an encroaching sense of the absent wife. Probably died, given how young are the children. Then the emotions come in a rush: Uncle Frank and Auntie May are no longer a lonely old couple, but concerned relatives; the light is left on for the benefit of the narrator, not the children; and an awareness that the singer is part talking to himself rather than the children.

    Then the song becomes overwhelming, and we empathise with his grief because we sense it, rather being told. A wonderful song. Unpretentious, full of compelling detail, devastatingly emotional, and delivered in an authentic and original voice.
    juror8on September 10, 2013   Link
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    General CommentGilbert was on the Danny Baker Show yesterday (13-2-16) and spoke about his lyrics including this one. He said it was based on things he's hear his mum say when he was a child - 'The both of yous' is very Irish and refers to Ray/Gilbert and his sister. His mum was a single parent at a time when that was not so common, especially amongst Irish Catholics so my earlier interpretation is only half right - the songs is sung from the child's perspective and the central figure is a lone mother - not a dad.
    pconlon February 14, 2016   Link
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    TranslationDutch translation I'd love to hear your comments / Ik hoor graag je commentaar, vooral op dat trieste middenstukje... Ook benieuwd of het zingbaar is.

    Beloofd, beloofd

    't Is mooi geweest
    De pret is uit
    Hup, naar boven, trap op,
    en geen geren!
    Je schoenen uit,
    ja allevier,
    laat ze hier benee maar voor de deur
    Op de overloop..., licht uit!
    of nee, laat maar aan,
    want de nacht duurt dan
    vast een heel klein stukje minder lang.
    Want wie staan heel vroeg met de
    monden wijd,
    vol witte vlokken,
    als chocoladevlokken?
    Beloofd? Beloofd!
    Ah, weet je nog,
    die superdag
    Bij ome Frank en vrouwlief
    tante Riet?
    Ja, je gelooft het niet,
    Maar van tante Riet
    kreeg ik minstens vier brieven
    steeds weer van
    “o, wat was het mooi,
    'k geloof 't nog steeds niet echt
    dat jullie allebei,
    hier bij ons zo ontzettend lang...
    En als er ooit een kans is,
    hoe klein dan ook
    dat jullie in de buurt zijn,
    beloof dan dat je langskomt!
    Beloofd? Beloofd!”

    ´t Is niet echt vol te houden
    dat je niks mankeert
    als de pijn je teistert diep van binnenuit .
    ´t Heeft geen zin om te roepen
    dat bij de reis die je maakt
    niet het reisdoel telt maar slechts het reizen zelf.
    En zondagvroeg, als het weer het houdt,
    Voetballen, maar – eerst gezegd - met mij op goal,
    Ja, ik keep niet goed; of dat het per se moet,
    Maar ja, op mijn leeftijd past het vast het best
    om rustig stil te staan.
    Zijn we 't allen eens?
    Ik wil handen zien
    Allemaal akkoord?
    Oké, in dat geval, ga dan alsjeblieft wel naar de kerk
    zo niet op zondag, dan toch wel op maandag.
    Beloofd? Beloofd.
    Counterclockwerkon December 19, 2017   Link

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