hitotsu-to se
hitori nagare=te kono yo-no hate-no hate
futatsu-to se
fum=eba samishii higure-no kageboushi

mittsu-to se
mir=eba miru hodo tsumaran ore daga
yottsu-to se
yos=eba ii noni matazoro shasharideru

akirame=te nandomo akirame=te
akirame+kire=nu kyou-ni kaze-ga fuku

itsutsu-to se
itsumo-nagara-no sae=nai ichi-nichi
muttsu-to se
munashi munashi-to tameiki kumo-ni naru

nageda=shite nandomo nageda=shite
nageda=shi+kire=nu kyou-ni ame-ga furu

nanatsu-to se
nak=eba naku hodo namida-wa kare=te yuku
yattsu-to se
yare yare shou-ga nee-to hanauta machi-no kado
kokonotsu-to se
koko-ga kokora-ga sekai-no domannaka
too de tootoo baka-warai
hora kori=zuni asu-mo yuk=e

ameagari sokora-ni mizutamari
karu=ku tobikosu gogo niji-o miru

English translation:

I float myself to the very end of the world
If I step, it’s on a lonely shadow of sunset
The more I look, I look more boring; however
I poke my nose into their business again even though better not to

I give up and give up again and again
Winds blow to today, which I cannot give up

A dull day like any other days
I become a sigh-crowd feeling empty and empty

Throw away and throw away again and again
Rains fall into today, which I cannot throw away

More cry, more tears get dried out
I am at the corner of the town humming that I cannot help it
Here, around here is the center of the world
Finally a horselaugh
Go again for tomorrow without being disgusted

The rains stopped and left a pool around there
I jump over it easily and see a rainbow in the afternoon

Lyrics submitted by Mellow_Harsher

Nisokuhokoukouta song meanings
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    General CommentA little extra info . . .

    This song is in the Kazoe-uta "counting song" format, in which 10 phrases repeat beginning each with one of the sounds Hi(to)-Fu(ta)-Mi-Yo-Itsu-Mu-Na(na)-Ya-Ko(no)-Too in this order, the tradtional way of counting up to ten.
    nisoku: bipedal
    hokou: ambulation, walking
    ko-uta: small song, a suffix denoting a traditional song title, ballad
    Mellow_Harsheron March 31, 2007   Link

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