"You Are The One To Make Me Cry" as written by and Neil Finn....
Who'll face the tide and take their chances
Will fasten the lights to broken branches?
Adrift on the ocean in wild winter storms
I have to imagine things to keep myself warm

The night closing in, but not to worry
Told everyone I know that I was sorry
But I heard them all singing for comfort and peace
And in my confusion here I still believe

You are the one to make me cry
You were the one to take me home
Of all the people in my life
My thoughts keep returning to you
But consciousness is fading fast

Surrounded by sights that go on living
Make circles in time, the spider web spinning
But I have no illusions of where I am now
I'll let this wave take me and draw me down

You are the one to make me cry
You were the one to take me home
Of all the stories in my life
Only good things return to you
If I could only say the words
If you could hear me cry for help
But I'd lift my head up to the sky
But the planes that were circling now have gone

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"You Are the One to Make Me Cry" as written by


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    General CommentActually, tvstevie, Neil said at one of the band's shows in Melbourne, Australia last year that the song is about a sportsman who got stranded out at sea and almost died. Might have SEEMED 'quite clear' or 'quite apparent', but you were incorrect.
    kidheadcaseon May 29, 2009   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionCorrection to Lyrics: Line 3 should be
    "Will fasten the LINES" not lights, as it is a reference to the diving lines.

    Chorus is:
    "You ARE the one to make me cry" not were. The whole song is in the present tense, the person is currently at sea, thinking about their life.
    auntdewon July 28, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song is based on the case of Robert Hewitt, a diver who was lost at sea, and very lucky to survive, and how he hallucinated about his wife and children. The song always makes me think of someone lost at sea, and the rise and fall of the music seems to imitate the waves caused by the currents.

    However, as basket said, Neil's lyrics work on many levels.

    While this song is from an album dedicated to Paul, it is not one of the songs which puts me in mind of Paul's suicide. That's not to say it is not one of the meanings Neil meant it to have.

    Haha, the song "Elephants" just started to play, it has the same kind of feel to it. Up and down to a 3/4 beat.

    auntdewon July 28, 2011   Link
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    General CommentA close look at the lyrics makes it clear that this song was written from Paul Hester's point of view, Neil Finn imagining what was going inside Paul's mind as he was dying. I don't know who made Paul cry, but other than that, it's quite apparent that in this song Paul is the one who's speaking.
    tvstevieon April 18, 2008   Link

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