With my feet on the grass
And my heart beating just a little too fast
I met your other self
When we were so mixed up
So that's two of you I have to cut
With my hands now untied
I’ve got a million more new words to write
But I met my other self
In the lines of a song
He is raw and wild
But he's awfully strong

And he kicked me off my chair
And he tied feathers in my hair
With my legs stretching out
And my body pressing against the couch
I lift myself up again with the palms of my hands
'Cause its morning now and I’m free to dance

And he kicked me off my chair
And he tied feathers in my hair
And I lift myself from the couch
And I light my words
And I spit 'em out

Listen to me: there's no epic feeling
Don’t you think it's best if we just leave it to rest?
Like why am I rapping
Like do we have no ideas left?
Like look at his chest
Look at his fucking Weatherbox vest
With his hands flying a "W" like Weezer's up next
Yeah but you were like being chased all over and inside of you place
By demons with masks on and your mind erased
I tried to save the color the face
The color of your face
But you still tried to replace me with a different bass player
You thought I was layered: white with black underneath
Coming for you in your sleep
A million years in the future
Cops in your computer

So here you are again, man number two, got the same hands
Just a snap back from that trap, don't give me any of that, it is that bad, it is that bad

No, it's not that bad
No, it’s not that bad
No, it’s not, no it's not that bad
No, it’s not, no it's not that bad

And he kicked me off my chair
And he tied feathers in my hair
With my head in the clouds
And my body always laying against the ground
I lift my self up again with the palms of my hands
Cause its morning now and I’m free to dance

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    General CommentI'll make corrections later on to anything I've gotten wrong.
    vossleron April 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI got the lyrics sheet today, so I'll be making corrections to all lyrics.
    vossleron May 14, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song is about how the first guitarist, mike longfield, tried to take over the band while brian warren was in rehab.
    i think.
    iliveinsandiegoon May 23, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationIt seems to me like in the first verse maybe he meets a girl, he is grounded but starting to get his hopes up, and then he sees another side of her that's worse, sees she's mixed up, so he doesn't want anything to do with her. Now that he's no longer busy mooning over a girl, he has a lot more time for his songwriting. But then he finds he also has another side to him, raw and wild and good for songs, except this other side is too strong and overpowers him.

    In the chorus he wakes up a new man, possibly a Native American more tied to the land, and he starts to do a (tribal?) dance. He is now coming from a more honest place, at least.

    But then he gets discouraged, feels that his songs aren't epic and that he should just get up. "Like why am I rapping?/Like do we have no ideas left?" He may be disillusioned with the fans, wearing stupid merchandise and acting like they're some big-name band like Weezer. Another band members has some demons, and is acting sort of brainwashed, and he tries to save face for them. I'm not sure whether the "white with black underneath" is a reference to good/evil or a racial thing due to the rapping, so I won't comment. But still this other band member is paranoid, but also claiming that he's still the same guy and can play. He wants to "just snap back" from their disagreements, but the singer is like don't give me that crap, the way you're acting isn't reconcilable. But the singer actually thinks the rap he wrote about it is not awful, and shows talent unlike before when he attributed it to a lack of ideas. And maybe the bad situation is over, and again he's free to dance.

    I love that it ends on that line.
    sXe LEXXIon June 16, 2011   Link

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