"Linger On" as written by and Vogel Stephens....
Step out to clutch the evening air
Distraction from your disrepair
And all of those who say they know
And walk the balustrade 'til dawn
You won't blink you won't yawn
Never let your weakness show

And though I keep your picture on the wall
Unplug the phone in case you call
Dust collects upon the sill
And still you misplace all your faith in words
As though you'll ever feel assured
If you don’t know you never will

But no I never meant you any harm
Suffocating shelter of your arms
And if I let you down, it
Wasn't me, but you who kept me round
Linger on, linger on

And while your tears fall down his cheek
For the fallen, small and meek
Look what the invalids compose
Well he should've warned you from the start
Another callus on the heart
Another victim of the throes

So sip your cigarettes and tea
Be sure you never think of me
When your tragedies unload
And in case your beauty makes you weep
For what you touched but couldn't keep
For what you had but couldn't hold

No I never meant you any harm
Suffocating shelter of your arms
And if you should feel betrayed, it
Wasn't me, but you who made me stay
Linger on, linger on

Well I'll take your convalescent dreams
Patch the wounds, sew the seams
And get you ready for the fall
But should you miss me when I'm gone
Girl your memory serves you wrong
You never needed me at all

But you can miss the hollow of my hand
And all the lives that we had planned
And all the jealousies you sowed
But I’ll take back the youth you can't repay
All the hours I gave away
And all the lies I never told

But no I never meant you any harm
Suffocating shelter of your arms
And if I did you wrong, it
Wasn't me, but you who wrote this song
Linger on, linger on.

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    General Commentgreat job.

    the "so sip your cigarettes.." verse didnt make it to the record.. this is the one that took it's place:

    And me, I'm in the company of thieves
    They get their word in then they leave
    Such a false affair
    But who am I to claim such moral highs
    And though my judgement on the night
    As though im so aware
    nos jejunumon May 23, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWhat a song! Completely gorgeous. I catch myself looking at the cd player to see how much time is left, hoping it won't end soon.

    I'm not sure, but I think the whole EP might be the story of a breakup. This would be the final song, after it's over. Most of it's fairly self-explanatory. He loved her and still does ("I keep your picture on the wall"), but is too much of a wanderer to stay. She tried to keep him, but it was doomed from the start. And he doesn't want to forget her ("linger on")

    I know this story too well. Happened with every girl I've loved.
    HenryKrinkleon January 11, 2008   Link

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