she sees blue and red on the crown she wears upon her head.
i love you he said, her husband she recently wed.
she dreams this while she's wide awake.

counting her diamond rings,
she has one for every day of the week.
birds are dancing while she sings
oh her dream life, it is so unique,
and i hope this stops for her own sake.

and if you could make this happen,
i would not be suprised.
make life what i'm dreaming, all in just one night.

then why oh why can't i?

golden yellow skies, an image of her in my eye.
growing trees and firefly's,
and answers to the question "why?"

people twice my size, and all the times for second tries.
we heard you on the radio, oh it feels so good just to let go.
if you could make the oceans, and live above the skies,
wake the sun for morning and light the moon at night.

then why of why can't i?

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    General CommentI can't stop listening to this song.
    But honestly, it does confuse me at some points. I think I may understand the majority of the song, so to help others who could be as confused as I am, I guess I'll type out my ideas.

    At first when I heard this song I thought it was about a man who was in love with a girl, but knew that he couldn't give her what she wanted while another man could. After downloading this song though, and trying my best to understand the entire meaning of the lyrics, I've realized that there really isn't the mentioning of another man.
    I think the closest theory I have is that it's about a man who is jealous of a girl's optimism. She can dream of all these beautiful things, but whenever he would try to do the same he would be brought down by his own negativity towards life and reality. He feels weak and lost, and wishes he could have something to drive him forward, even if they would be unrealistic fantasies.
    Another small idea is similar to the last. The girl dreams of wonderful things, and for the most part life is good to her and she gets what she wants. Basically, she has good luck in a lot of situations and achieves many admirable things. On the other hand, this other person who's speaking rarely has anything good happen to him, and wishes he could have the things she has, and do the things that she's able to do.

    Sorry if the meaning is actually obvious, haha. I hope I helped out a little though.
    Spoonelson March 21, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI love this song, but it makes me cry. This song helped me get through my sisters finances death. Brighten is amazing.
    catastrophic-sammyon June 13, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti agree with spoonels interpretation
    beav910on February 05, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about trying to love someone who's lost the one they love.

    I think the girl in the song had her boyfriend or maybe it is as literal as her newly wed husband pass away.
    I think she dreams of him and tells herself he's still alive, she can still be with him.. His death isn't a
    reality to her.
    "I love you he said, her husband she recently wed
    she dreams this while she's wide awake"

    The boy singing wants her to stop because it does no good for her. Living in denial isn't helping, she's stuck
    on the past and she'll never heal if she doesn't accept what's happened and stops dreaming as though it didn't.

    And there's the boy singing, right in front of her, wanting to help her and take her pain away.. He loves her
    deeply and he knows they could make one another happy, he knows she's everything he wants and that he could
    take care of her..
    "Make life what I'm dreaming, all in just one night"

    He asks, "Why, oh why can't I" throughout all the song.. Why must he live in the shadow of another who has
    passed away. Why can't she let him make her happy. He has an absolutely perfect vision of them happy together,
    but she's got all these barriers.

    The line that really makes me feel the boy is singing to a girl with a lost lover is, "people twice my size,
    and all the times for second tries" He's feeling as though he will never be able to fit the shoes of her lost
    love, they are too big to fill, she won't let him. He tries again and again and she can't let go of him, she
    acts as though she'll get another chance with him, that he'll come back if she waits long enough.

    He tells her it feels good to let go, to let yourself not be sad everyday anymore.. To enjoy life because you're
    living it anyway..

    This guy she pines for "lives above the skies" and he wonders why he can't be more like him, maybe if he were
    gone too she'd miss him.. She'd long for him..

    Maybe all this is a stretch, and I could be biased.. I lost my boyfriend and was so stuck on his loss for such
    a long time I let another guy I could've made a happy life with leave, he was tired of waiting and trying to
    fill bigger shoes.. Anyway, this is what I get from it.. It fits me.
    kisses.n.dynamiteon October 02, 2011   Link

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