"Caroline" as written by and Graeme Edge */adrian Gurvitz....
Got your eyes open, but you cannot see
Got what you want, do you got what you need?
The one day you see something you cannot bear
Telling you girl, yes you better beware
Her papa loved her so much you could see
Loved her too much if you know what I mean
So, she left home young,
Yeah she moved town to town
Looking for love that she never found

She played it hard and yes she played it rough
Made her feel safe and it made her feel tough
And rock by rock she built those walls everyday
Built herself a tower so far away
And from up high in that castle
She knew no one could get too close to touch
And if life and death were such a game
Why did they all make such a fuss?
And if birds could fly high over their troubles
She gonna find some of her own wings and fly
And no one could convince or pay her double
Or tell her she was too young to die

Oh Caroline, Caroline

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"Caroline" as written by Michael Butler


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    General CommentThe lyrics pretty clearly tell the story of a girl, abused as a child, who leaves home early and most probably gets into the drug and prostitution scene. Until the barriers she's built to help her cope separate her from everyone else and drives her to suicide. I reckon it's sad.

    Sounds beautiful as well.
    hehehe_10on March 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis is an amazing sounding song.
    Its crazy what this band can do with some strings behind them....Caroline and What You Want are great songs, JBT should definitely do more of this.
    Rocker_92on March 31, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthow good is this song.. so tight.. pretty sad, agreed though those strings are off the chain.. jbt for the win
    stugeon April 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentYou can thank Shannon Birchall for that string section. And I would have to agree, the life of a girl that was molested by her father (Her papa loved her so much you could see, Loved her too much if you know what I mean) and soon moved out and lived a tough life. Eventually she tryed to seperate herself from the world and commited suicide.
    lordlemmingon April 24, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe ending is class, Butler has a great voice.
    Nivon October 05, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe song is about a real person. Caroline Reid Robertson was the 22 year old jealous neighbour (& ex baby sitter) with some serious mental problems who decided she wanted to kill Rachel Barber, the neighbours 15 year old daughter, who she saw as perfect. Caroline Reid suffered depression, daddy issues, she was overweight with bad skin and was self loathing, self absorbed and had a horrible home life with a strained relationship with her mother who divored her father.
    Rachel Barber was slim, pretty, had a boyfried & she danced. Caroline wrote many letters describing her life, her hate.
    'Robertson wrote of Rachel: "Strikingly attractive, dancer's body, very clear pale skin, hypnotic green eyes, wild free spirit, passionate, charming, moody, mysterious."'
    It seems that Caroline may have wanted to kill Rachel Barber because she was envious of the life that she thought she would never achieve herself - & so she wanted to kill her identity as Caroline & take the new identity of Rachel by killing Rachel (if that makes sense?).

    In the song the lines 'The one day you see something you cannot bear
    Telling you girl, yes you better beware' it could mean when Caroline saw Rachel she saw her beauty, talent and grace and she couldn't bear it. so Rachel 'better beware' of Carolines bitter jealousy.

    'A prolific note maker, Robertson wrote down her plan to lure Rachel with an offer of money to take part in a bogus pyschology study, then drug her, disfigure her and dump her body. For two days Robertson kept Rachel's body in a cupboard in her Prahran flat before she hired a van and buried her in a shallow grave in bush on her father's property near Kilmore.'

    There is a movie about it 'in her skin(I Am You)' & the song is played at the end credits.
    Renn123on September 02, 2011   Link

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