"Jonny Sniper (Album version)" as written by Roughton Reynolds, Chris Batten, Liam Rory Clewlow and Robert Rolfe....
Rise, taste the air, lock and load, pull the trigger,
Climb, to new heights, and tell me, tell me what you hear...

A whisper from the wind, and I can't help but listen,
It warns us of disaster, and I can't help but wonder,
Can anyone hear the same distress call?

So this is a quest to save the world,
And he'll always be here for another,
Another day another chance to rescue

(OK Jonny, lock and load)

This is all I need to feel alive,
(Remember now, aim small, missed mark)

The Crashing of white waves and I can't help but listen,
The Screaming of the Earth, and I can't help but...

So this is a quest to save the world,
And He'll always be here for another,
Another day, Another chance to rescue,

This is all I need to feel alive, (oh yeah)
This is all I need to feel alive


So this is a quest to save the world,
And He'll always be here for another,
Another day, Another chance to rescue

So this is a quest to save the world,
And He'll always be here for another,
Another day, Another chance to rescue

This is all I need to feel alive, (x9)

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"Jonny Sniper" as written by Liam Rory Clewlow Chris Batten

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Jonny Sniper (Album version) song meanings
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    General CommentAmazing song.
    For once I actually like the re-made version better than the original one.
    Think it's just about wanting to be someone or have someone around who saves the world from all the bad things that are going on. Like a superhero.

    ''The Screaming of the Earth, and i cant help but...''

    ''So this is a quest to save the world,
    And He'll always be here for another,
    Another day, Another chance to rescue,''
    FalseSmileson March 22, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis songs about a charactern that the boys learnt about sex education from in secondary schoool. Jonny Sniper is some sort of hero who waits across the road when your just about to have sex and shoots a comdom at the end of your bed if you dont have one. Or so they said at Hammersmith Plaice anyway lol :)
    If only, if only
    ashfroon March 23, 2007   Link
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    General CommentJonny Sniper they did indeed claim to be a sex-ed character....

    as for the song itself though as said by Rou in Kerrang magazine:

    "It's about people having no respect for the earth. The lyrics are about the earth crying out, telling us to fucking behave!""
    jamesgcon March 23, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWell I went to see them at Southampton Uni.

    Before the song they said something hilarious, somewhere along the lines of:

    "And when you're about to make love to that beautiful girl on your couch, and you have no means of contraception, Jonny Sniper will be standing on the rooftop opposite your apartment, and Jonny Sniper will shoot a condom, right onto your BELLEND!"

    Then the crowd laughed like hell and went wild. Lmao.

    Seeing them this Wednesday in Portsmouth.

    Should be amazing.
    Reprisal Vengeanceon March 26, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthaha this was lush live
    especially the refrain
    yeah they said "when you have a raging one, we're not just talking hard, we're talking RAGING, and shes on her back GAGGING for it, and you just realise you have no contraception, what are you gonna do??? Well dont worry cus Johnny Sniper will be there, and shoot a condom right on your bellend"
    was mint... and danger wanking was funny

    as for the actual song, i have no idea =P just seems to be one of those songs with no real meaning, just a kind of story. If there is a meaning it isnt explicit to me =]
    03tomsauon April 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI like this song, I agree with FalseSmiles - better than the original version. It's totally different though.
    The sex-ed thing is right; top marks for ashfro ;] but yes, the actual song bears no resemblance to this.
    I personally think this song is about Jonny Sniper, the "cupid" of the sex world, sitting back and looking at the world, seeing all the wrong that's being done - knowing he cannot help that, as he already has his job. He is thinking this whilst waiting for another chance to do his job.
    I imagine a burst of action in his day, but then a period of calm as he has nothing to do, and so he reflects on the world: "and I can't help but listen"; he gets caught up in the problems we are causing (pollution etc).
    I think he believes that he cannot help the big picture, but doing his job is his way of "saving the world"; he may not be able to do anything drastic, but "he'll always be here for another" - another client, if you will.
    I think that when it says "the screaming of the earth", it really seems like Jonny wants to do something to help, but he feels duty-bound to his job to protect the unprotected ;] (like my clever pun?), and so can't.
    He realises, that what he is there for - his calling, is his job. It is all he needs to feel alive. When "WAY TO SAVE THE WORLD" is being shouted at him, it is either signifying that his small job is actually saving the world, OR it represents people mocking him - being sarcastic and saying that he'll never save the world that way.
    At the end of this song, Jonny is saying to himself, "this is all I need to feel alive", convincing himself that he is doing the right thing - he is helping the planet.

    Maybe I've gone too deep here, but I feel like this is what it's about - one man's guilt trip about the world's problems. The whole Jonny Sniper thing is just kinda irrelevent - maybe something to do with population expansion prevention? =S Just a stab in the dark, please correct me ;]

    D4N7Eon April 08, 2007   Link
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    General Commentits not about the character of johnny sniper, they said when i saw em at hammersmith about a month back that they got the name from johnny sniper but the song is about saving the earth because of everything humans are doing to it.
    and make everything on earth better, and then they said the reason they called it johnny sniper and it does mention him in it is because he fires johnnys to people who are about to have un pretected sex.
    so eventually he will wipre out aids thus clearing out one of the bad things on earth and making the world a better place.

    joe-atfmon April 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about Global Warming tbh
    EatMyFace?on April 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentYeah I think it is about how we treat the earth, without respect dunno about the Johnny Charachter though. This is my fave from the album along with Labrynth and Mothership
    elliotbwfcon June 07, 2007   Link
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    General Commentfrom the words it sounds like the begining song of a superheroes show about jonny sniper.
    nukeyon June 14, 2007   Link

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