Gang bang. Pissed off. Swang thangs. Shit talk.
Southwest. Street hood. Spit on. Ripped off.
No Hoes. Pro wings. No real. Gold rings.
Lips swoll'. Chin rocked. Eye's in them "O" rings.
Street clown. No jokes. Voodoo. No box.
Never die. Can't Croak. Strokes for them old folks.
Smoke dope. Pop pills. Lift axe. Chop kills.
Drink blood. Drip spills. Grab the mic and drop skills.
Chased off. Broke down. People up folk down.
Full moon. Choke sound. On the murder-go-round.
No love. No slack. Pie-face. Slap back.
Heffer, let me tap that. Like you a chip monk and...

I'm an alley rat, an alley rat
I only to be where the scrubs be at.
I gotta get it, I wanna get it, the lot I gotta get it.
I gotta get it, I wanna get it, the lot I gotta get it.
I gotta get it...

Last place. Don't care. scrub life. I'm there.
Red mist. I wear. Wet blood. Big smear.
Just Know. Dark nights. Warm glow. Street fights.
Breakin' in. Tied tight. I'm taking all. I like.
No look. Fuck style. Never calm. Buck wild.
Jumpin' off. Rooftops. Face painted. Fake smile.
(Who? What? What Chuck? Nevermind What The Fuck?)
Now I'm ridin' up stuck, underneath an UPS truck.
(What you see? I looked around. Tell me Thought I seen a clown)
No peep. Not a sound. No one looking. Never found.
Fuck jobs. Fuck rules. Fuck church. Fuck schools.
Fuck court. Fuck jail. Hospitals and funerals (Fuck'em)
I ain't goin' I'm hoein' you hoes out. When I die, bury me with my dick in your mouth.

Chorus x2

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    General CommentIt means about being a scrub pretty much. I love the tempest. I donwlaoded it for free. I went to buy it on the 20th and they guy said it got delayed. I have to wait till april fucking 3.
    shaggzthaclownon March 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentGreat song.
    Sick_or_Saneon September 30, 2007   Link

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