Step forth and face the beast that is the mighty Tempest! Dare to go for a spin on the world's most horrifically fabulous ride! Behold the Tempest!
The fastest, highest, steepest, and tallest coaster-ride ever to exist on this or any other planet!

We fuckin' rollin' with no controllin', them bolts ain't holdin'.
Take you higher, rollin' on wires, till time expires.
Swinging corners, so kids are goners, you hangin' on-ers
Duck them tunnels, they shrink like funnels... Get your forehead pummeled
We upside down you, then round and round you, your evil found you.
Let's go faster, it's sheer disaster,while spinnin' backwards.
Jagged edges, no kind of ledges, with broken wedges.
It's the largest, fastest, steepest, deepest, tallest, all this and more, roller coaster.

It's something thrilling for you, so get on, get on it (come on The Tempest)
You got that feelin' in you, so jump on, jump on it (Jump on it)
It's something wicked for you so get on it, get on it (Let's ride The Tempest)
We got that ticket for you, so jump up, jump up on it.

Electrifyin' and now you climbin', feels like you flyin'
The Carts are shakin', slowly elevatin', sound like they breakin'.
Rickety, rackety, clickity, clack, up we go, you no look back
Some french guy had to look, froze up and fell out, he got so shook.
So fuck him, them polls keep duckin', this cart you stuck in upward spiral, the rings of fire, still climbing higher
Rackety, rickity, clackity, click, now you on the tip-top tipity tip
Tip of the largest, fastest, steepest, deepest, tallest, all this, and more, roller coaster


Straight down, you fallin' you fallin' staight down so fast your skin is crawlin'
Straight down, you fallin' you fallin' staight down so fast your skin is crawlin'
You fallin' so fast, you see your whole life, your balls jump up your ass in a quick dash, you get whiplash, the shit fast on your bitch ass, and it don't stop till the shit crash

Chorus 2x

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    General CommentThis has an oldschool-ICP sound to it, great song to listen to when your drivin'.
    ThePlacidOneon March 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI gotta admit, I didn't know what ICP were gonna do after the Joker's Cards.

    The Calm was alright, but they shocked me with
    The Tempest. Awesome. This is song is fresh, I can't help but bop my head to it.
    Kasimir_Razeon June 13, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthe tempest is the roller coaster that is life
    Quaddafion November 03, 2010   Link

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