"Bankhead" as written by and Clifford J./merrett Harris....
What's happening nigga
Hey, hey, hey, hey

I got my 44's, and my dro
And my Chevy on 24's
And my hoe, now where I supposed ta go
I got my 44's, and my dro
And my Chevy on 24's
And my hoe, now where I supposed ta go

Riding in the Chevy 44's on the seat
With a quarter of blow get low lemme see
No tags to license, the trunk loaded with d
Riding fluids in the engine, when know to be
If you wanna assault make it stop you must be fuckin' with me
If they don't wanna die tonight
They best stop fucking with me
I'ma pull over and boy hom
And my cousins start beat
And they gon hide me in home when they lookin' for me

[Young Dro]
We the neighborhood superstar
Pimp a Chevy pullin' hard
Thousand dollars worth of diamonds
In the trunk with rockstars
Couldn't fill cowards hearts
When they see us on the block
Swirvin' in juicy fo bustin' shots just because
The hell I care about getting caught
I'm makin' mils at 12 o'clock
Back in the spot with the same old serve and drop
I pull a hoe in Bangkok, drop her off at 10 spot
I'm burnin' rubber fuck the cops


Cadillac that put a boss in holstrum and own that
Set up Pimp Squad hoe what's happenin'
Westside getting them panties, snap
Tracks should I do the Laffy Taffy
I said I do to make the pussy happy
Lets get em home over our Virginia
Step aside a sweet nigga
You in here for a lil fender bender
Baby just remember make it quick
You niggas kinda know me I'm the shit

I'm the in the bubble, push Chevy
Well at least that's what it smells like
Hit the gas, poof, I run out the tailpipe
Tailpipe that's all these hoes wanna lick for the night
Treat them like Tina beat the pussy in the ya car and be alright
That's right ridin' in sittin' on the 28's
Sounds like a stadium, you would of got your brains sprayed
Get you runnin' like Vick
What the fucks on ya hood
This is Mr. Westside


Tell em where im goin', im steppin' out
Singin' on the high life
Windows up in the clouds over nothin'
On my counsel that's where I got my gun as for that
After that get the finger role and blow one
I got the violent bitches make em freak fuck all night
Hoes know killers on the Westside
Earn stripes make the money turn right
This the kid just to get my peeps and my grillz swirvin'
Off church street all the pimp blockin' the street

I was born up in Bankhead
Dro you all remember me
Way back in 83', T.I. stayed on the street for me
Just cause I'm from Bankhead, niggas havin' beef with me
Half never seen a G, in the cap of my beamer v
10 screens folded, my Chevy watchin' enemy
Ridin' down 6th about the West rockin' and leanin' on me
Purple don't mean to me, the hoes on premolean
Lawful house charges


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"Bankhead" as written by Sean Merrett Clifford Harris

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    General CommentThis song is about Bankhead Courts, located in Atlanta, GA. Bankhead is government community housing. I went there to play with the kids who live there, and they really do have it hard. They barely have anything, even their parents aren't really a part of their lives. It is very sad, but there is always hope for these amazing kids.

    Also, I heard that by the end of June 2009, all of these houses will be torn down to make room for million-dollar condominiums. It pisses me off that many of Bankhead's residents will now become homeless. What a world we live in.
    mfactoron March 15, 2009   Link

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