It seems like...
Everytime I think we're getting somewhere
We hit square one again.
And don't blame other people,
It's not about them it's about you and me.
I sometimes feel there's no winning,
Only losing.
Oh well, just allow me the little comfort
Of being free to wonder.

Darling, save our love.
And don't let it break,
Our hearts to take.
And let's get it right, instead of fight,
And see, there's a whole beautiful
world out there waiting for you and me.

I feel so slow baby, but you're so fast,
I don't know how long, this can last.
Dipping lower baby, below the mark,
You tell me too much baby
"We've lost the spark"

But I'm free, free to wonder.
Yes I'm free, free to wonder.

We used to say how much we loved the park,
Walking hand in hand, us, in the dark.
Now the furthest we'll go baby
Is our separate ways,
And the furthest we'll see baby
Is in front of the haze.

But I'm free, free to wonder.
But I'm free, free to wonder.

Us is yet to be shown,
We're living in a world of our own,
And love has placed us alone...

Here's to a happy Christmas baby,
Here's to the world.
Here's to New Years Day baby,
To happiness unfurled.
All the things we said baby
Can we forget them all?
I'm sitting here baby, feeling like a fool.

But I'm free, free to wonder.
Yes I'm free, free to wonder.

Let's Go!

Four o' clock in the morning baby
And I can't sleep;
I called you a "bitch" my baby,
You called me a "creep".
At the break of day darling,
Laying wondering why.
At the break of day baby,
Can't help but cry.

But I'm free, free to wonder.
Yes I'm free. free to wonder.

Heaven knows... I'm free to wonder.
Don't you know...? I'm free to wonder.
I'm free to wonder, Don't you know?
I'm free to wonder.

Is this really the end of our love?
I'll go on wondering.

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