A hundred years have passed in time,
I don’t really know what to think like anymore,
I don’t feel the pangs of suicide,
I look back on the past screaming ‘Nevermore,’

Screaming nevermore at you,
Screaming nevermore at the world,

Where is my baby now,
Where has the loved one gone too,
What happened in a hundred years,
I don’t feel anymore,


I won’t let go of you again I swear,
I won’t fall into sin once more,
I won’t leave you in this world alone,
I’m gonna bring you home,

Screaming nevermore at myself
Screaming nevermore at my mirror

Where is my baby now,
This place is worse than hell,
I hate the way I feel,
I just wanna hold you ‘til,


I’m gonna take you away to nevermore,
The land of nevermore waits for you and me,
I wanna you close to me,
In the land of nevermore,

Don’t let you slip away once more,
Or else my mind will be forever sore,
You are my only lore,
Without you I would be broken and poor,

My baby’s gone down the drain,
My baby’s lost in the rain,
My baby fills me with pain,
I’m caught in terror’s chain,

Screaming, screaming for you,
Screaming NEVERMORE,
NEVERMORE will I wake alone,
NEVERMORE will I see an empty throne,
NEVERMORE will I be alone,
NEVERMORE will I see your clone,

You’re my baby now,
I won’t lose you again,
You’re my baby now,
Right until the end,

My baby has my love,
My baby is like a dove,
My baby won’t push or shove,
My baby is all I love,

Hold you in my arms,
Keep you away from harm,
Hope nothing can wrong,
Hope our love will burn so long,

NEVERMORE will I pray for thee,
NEVERMORE will I fear for thee,
I just wanna be your love,
I just wanna be your love,

I call you my baby,
Can’t you see me,
I want your love,
Oh god, pray for me,

Nevermore will I walk alone,
Nevermore will I have to groan,
I feel like I’m breaking bones,
Just to stop from hearing my moans,


I’ll hold you cos you hold me,
I’ll love you cos you love me,
I love the way you look at me,
I love your arms tight around me,

Now we will be forever more,
I will forget you nevermore
This is how it is forever after,
This is happily ever after,

But some days its like never after,
Some days its like pure disaster,
I wanna be sure,
That I will lose you nevermore,

Nevermore I will I love another,
Nevermore will I be a brother,

Hold you hand in mine,
Hold it tight,
Kiss your lips,
So soft to me,

Do those things,
That feel so right,
I’ll hold you close,
And we can be,

Forever more,
Not nevermore,
Until the end,
More than friends,

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