"Window Song" as written by Scott Anderson, Sean Anderson, Rich Beddoe, James Black and Rick Jackett....
All the windows are playing their game
Where I won't see outside again
Til I write all the fog away
I'm putting words in their place
Between me and the window's pane
From my inarticulate brain
But all of the fog is erased
When I write all the words that I never said
To you

Now the impulse won't go away
"Distracted by something?" you'd say
Cause you don't see anything
It's just between windows and me
Wait til it rains again
And I write all the words that I never said
To you

Will you try to read these lines?
Focus hard and give it time
Who you are in my life
Reads as the water washes

Now the dirt on the window is showing
I should have drawn something instead
The dirt on the window is showing
I should never have written my head
I should never have written what I never said
To you

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"Window Song" as written by Sean Anderson Scott Anderson

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    General CommentI'm surprised this song hasn't got any comments, i love the lyrics!

    To me, i think its about some guy who has a crush on some girl and he is too afraid to tell her, the writing on the window is metaphorical for whatever way he's expressing his love.

    When he says "now the dirt on the window is showing" he means his intentions have been discovered and hes regretting opening up.

    Story of my life, haha...
    Dirt89on June 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIt seems to me the song is about a guy who had a crush on a girl but couldn't tell her, so he decided to write it instead. The crush then faded, but he still kept writing because he knew she wouldn't see. But then she did. However, the "who you are in my life" line suggests that maybe the crush didn't fade.

    On the other hand, it could also be that he DOESN'T like someone, but couldn't tell for some reason. Like maybe a friend has a new girlfriend he doesn't like, but doesn't want to risk hurting his friends feelings.
    wwfanzon July 10, 2008   Link
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    General Commentpersonally i think that this song has a little bit of a different meaning then the ones before me..... though they do make sense i have a slightly different outlook on the lyrics. I think its about a guy where he doesnt have a full outlook on life around him so he cant fully express himself so he writes it and the window pane is kind of metaphorical because he knows that it will all vanish eventually and he can start again. when he says "my inarticulate brain" its just kind of a self contradictive comment cause hes saying hes gonna write his mind and write what he whish he could say though it isnt all that complicated. and now he feels that this is really important and he cant get what someone would say out of his head so its constantly pushing his thoughts in that direction. and when it rains again it all repeats itself. and when the dirt shows it just says that now what he wish he could share wont leave its kinda stuck there in the window where people will look through and relize that this is what he wanted us to hear.... sorry for writing so long but this is my interpretation of the song
    thesmashingon September 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentP.S. also the whole song is kinda self contradictive because he starts off writing to let out what he wants and starts over but then relizes that its not going away it will always be where it is
    thesmashingon September 04, 2008   Link

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