"Precious Blood" as written by and Matt Dresdner Mia Zapata....
There are these things I want the most
But they are usually one step furthest from my reach
Oh, but they always stand close enough
To take me to the next fuckin drink

Cause when it cuts, it really does
My soul spills the blood
Don't know how long it's gonna take
But I'm gonna need a little more one day

Sometimes, I just want to know
Faster than my precious blood will let me roll
Is it real or, tell me, is it wrong
To keep these dreams strongest in my mind?

Cause when it cuts, it just gets deeper baby
Like when I go to touch you,
You're the furthest from me
Don't know how long it's gonna take
But I'm gonna get me get me get a little more one day

Oh, it's laying tired in me, it does
And when I see it there it makes me wanna...
It's laying tired in me, it does, when I see it there
It's all I can do to stare it in the face

Even the hours hold heavy on me
Even the hours just hold the pain
And even the times get heavy, little weak
Even the hours just hold the pain, there is no gain
All in all it comes back to me

With every sip of poison that I taste
It's only hurting me and nobody else
When it lies to me, it's the strongest in my mind

Cause when it cuts, it just gets deeper baby
Like when I go to touch you,
You're the furthest from me
Don't know how long it's gonna take
But I 'm gonna get me
Get me
A little more one day

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    General Comment
    I take this song to be about someone who is upset with himself/herself because of his/her inability to pursue goals based on a fear of failure and/or rejection. The narrator is perpetually depressed and turns to drinking in order to escape regretting the fundamentally undesirable consequences of his/her inaction. Throughout it all the narrator remains hopeful and continues to dream of a better life. However, the narrator begins questioning "should I resign all hope?"


    The 'things I want the most' that are 'one step from my reach' are those goals which are unattainable for her fear or inability to reach out and connect physical and emotionally with someone else. Instead of trying to connect or achieve her goals she turns 'to the next fuckin' drink' for liquid courage because when loneliness [or failure] 'cuts, it really does' cut deep - the pain goes all the way to her heart/soul. She doesn't "know how long it will take" before the last vestiges of her passion for life will be bled dry. She admits that she'll need 'a little more real (not liquid) ' courage one day' in order to change herself and keep from being bled dry of her will to live.

    Based on Mia's clever wordplay in many of her songs, I assume that her use of the term 'roll' has multiple meanings [to flatten (crush)] and [to operate (hope)]. "Faster than my precious blood will let me roll" is a reference to feeling metaphorically flattened to the point of hopelessness by the loss her bleeding soul's increasingly 'precious blood'. She is flattened into a [seemingly] two dimensional being (a part of her is missing) and begins to lose touch with the reality that she knew and wonders 'is it real or is it wrong to keep these dreams strongest in my mind?'. In other words, she's becoming desperate and questioning whether she's deceiving herself into believing that she can achieve her dreams [goals].

    The next stanza is why I believe that this song is specifically a reference to social anxiety or a reference to being avoided by one's own loved ones as a result of depression/alcoholism. 'Cause when it cuts it really does' simply states that past failures and rejections were so painful as to have permanently wounded and weakened her psychic core. She then states that 'when i go to touch you, you're the furthest away' which implies that when she needs help she feels the most alienated - as if no one can help/understand her. Alternately, it may be a reference to being unwilling/unable to reach out to someone she finds romantically interesting. She doesn't know how much longer she can go on like this - all she can do is tell herself that she's 'gonna get a little more' hope or another drink [double entendre] 'one day'.

    When she laments "its laying tired in me" she's referring to her [flattened] but ferociously strong spirit . Her upset over her resolve being crushed and 'lying tired' makes her 'wanna...' - do something but she doesn't know quite what to do. She's tired of her crushed spirit when she knows she's such a strong spirited woman. When 'I see it [her broken spirit] there it's all I can do to stare it [her mirror image] in the face' . This seems to be implying that the ultimate courage is found in looking oneself in the eyes when one feels weak and powerless - we are our own most fearsome enemies.

    'The hours hold heavy on me' is a reference to distortions of time caused by her pain/depression and desire to detach from reality (see songs like "Beauty of the Rose" for further evidence of detachment from reality as being a common if not desirable facet of life). Even time itself seems to be dragging her down - in the depths of her depression time deposits its own burdens upon her shoulders. The weight of her disappointment and sorrow is burdensome to the point that she feels even weaker [in conjunction with her bleeding soul]. Perhaps the most powerful line in the song is her stating "All in all it comes back to me" - it's my own doing that is depressing me. There's nobody else to blame and she knows that it's her own fear that is holding her from achieving her personal goals.

    'With every sip of poison that I take' is another double entendre representing both alcohol and disappointment. In the "Seafish Louisville" version the lyrics are 'when it burns in me, they're the strongest in my mind'. These lines represent the alienation from her friends that results from her alcoholism ['burning within'] and the alcohol lying to her as well as her passion and seething spirit ['burning within']. When 'it lies to me, it's the strongest in my mind' refers to alcohol drowning out her sorrows and giving her false courage and secondly, to her mind's rationalizations used to justify her alcoholism and her failure of will to change herself for the better. She's rationalizing that it's ok for her to use alcohol as a method of escape because 'it's only hurting me and nobody else'. In the second meaning of 'poison' she's also indicating that the sips of 'poison' represent emotionally painful events. The things that other people seem to be unfazed by are like sips of 'poison' that are crippling to her.
    asortofdreamon March 26, 2011   Link

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