This supposed scene that many of us claim to be a part of is always trying? to be so different from western culture. Claim to live in the hopes of ?
that have been in place for many many years. We think we can change the world, but in truth, we are just as sick as they are.

Independent music has become another oxymoron. What was once a loosely knit collection of kids putting out their own records has become an oligopoly of exclusive distribution, whereby a precious elite determines how much you pay for your next 7". We have become yet another niche market based upon sales figures, ex-members, trends, scene politics and old-fashioned hype. It's now dog-eat-fucking-dog.

We have lost our sight, our vision. We are now just a bunch of white males who either: a) want to look cute in our supposed 'emo' outfits, b) want to prove that we are, indeed, the toughest guy in the pit or c) want to blindly follow what every cool scenester says to buy, believe in and complain about. We buy and sell. We are trendy as fuck. We are a mirror of the system we claim to despise.

Forgot about the rest of the world for a months, let's clean up the scene first. Call people on their shit and ask people what separates them from the rock-arena bands of today. Playing second-hand pop music and shaking your ass on a stage isn't much different then what most mainstream bands have always tried to do. Waifle exists for the purposes of passion and love for music, the independent scene, and all the ones that existed between. Emo must no longer be niche marketed pop music, it must once again stand short for emotions. Hardcore must once again be about pouring your heart into every ? of life.

These are our emotions, can you hear my heart screaming at you?

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