"Say This Sooner" as written by and Gillespie....
I can't believe I didn't say this sooner
I'll just believe that I was all displaced
I'll get to speaking, let you know how I feel
I'll get to judging, make you see my appeal

No one will ever see things the way I do
No one will try
All my friends think that I'm gone, but I swear
I swear I'm not
I swear I'm not!

This makes me feel that
I'll never be quite normal
This makes me act like
I'll never get out alive
I'll get to acting, make you all believe me
I'll get to faking show you all how to grieve


In and out is where it gets back to the place it does
Makes me feel like I just want to feel, just like it touch

No one will ever see things the way I do
No one will try
All your friends say that your gone, but you swear
I swear I'm not


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"Say This Sooner" as written by Gillespie

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    General CommentI think many songs can be interpreted in a few different ways, this being one of them.

    "I can't believe I didn't say this sooner. I'll just believe that I was all displaced. I'll get to speaking, and let you know how I feel."

    (I tihnk he may be talking about someone who he may really really care about, but they are unaware of his feelings. He regrets not mentioning it sooner. He's telling himself he had a reason not to, he tells himself that he was displaced and trying to figure things out. He then says in an almost 'I'm lying but I'll be convincing" way, that he'll get to speaking, get to telling them how he feels... sometime. This is the part that I really connect with the most.

    He then says "I'll get to acting, make you all believe me."
    (I think tihs is again referring to how he is pretending to be unemotional or somewaht detached, or covers his feelings, the same thing with the next line about faking.)

    "No one will ever see things the way I do, no one will try. All my friends think I'm gone, but I swear I'm not."
    (I think he's trying to sort of explain or justify his fake behavoir. He's saying that even if he tried explaining his emotions, no one would see it like him because no one cares for this person like him. He's saying his friends would think him crazy or a lost cause, but he's not.)

    I really love this song lyrically. It's fairly straightforward and allows you to connect with it, while preserving that cryptic aspect we all seem to love so much in punk rock music.
    heckyeahitsannaon May 27, 2007   Link
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    lalagirl14on March 20, 2007   Link
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    General Comment@ ThePunkTouch
    You said "these guys are growing on me," it is actually all just Aaron Gillespie in most of the songs on this album. Some of the songs have backup vocals but other than that it's all just him :)
    blondy269on April 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAlrighty I think the meaning to this song is that the protagonist in the song is a christian believes in God and has for a while and duzn't wittness to his/her friends until recently "should have said this sooner". So he/she starts living their life for Christ, stops partying and swearing and all that jazz and his/her friends think that he/she isn't the same person and that he/she is "gone" and is percicuted spiritualy, his/her faith is shaken. And it makes them feel they'll never be quite normal and that they'll never get out alive. And the protagonist is on the fence about God because his/her friends influence them so much.
    Antiprideon September 14, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti can relate to this song alot. musically, i love the rhythm and i love how aaron drags out the words at the beginning as well.
    mookayluh17on March 18, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIn the music video if you see it, it seems like he's just feeling like he's someone else. As the line No one will ever see things the way i do no one will try. Even if it's not the meaning thats the meaing to me, and i can relate to it a lot
    xSaveTheLastDancexon March 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is amazing. I love the sound and the lyrics. ...And Aaron's voice isn't so bad either! XD
    xdearjenniferon March 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI really love this song! Aaron said what it was about in an article I was reading...

    “It’s about dealing with misunderstood intentions,” says Gillespie. “And the frustration of being judged on someone else’s misconceived perceptions.”
    RockerChick777on March 23, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthe is my fuckign heroe. im so glad he did his own cd, he has such a good voice.i love the song, ive liked the songs so far actualy.
    sava11on March 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentTalent.
    These guys are growing on me.
    So is this song.
    And, gotta love Pig's red/orange hair.
    ThePunkTouchon March 31, 2007   Link

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