"Bathroom [English]" as written by Takanori Matsumoto (mem Of The Gazette), Koyo Takashima (mem Of The Gazette), Yu Shiroyama (mem Of The Gazette), Ryo Suzuki (mem Of The Gazette) and Yutaka Menjo (mem Of...
Nemurenai no wa naze? shizukesa ni yoishireteta
Shimetta heya de hitori mata kuchuzusameba munashiku
Nemurenai no wa naze? anata ga mieta kara
Shiten wa nureta yuka atama wo kashigete nemutteru

Shiritaku mo nai you na genjitsu ni tada mukanjou de
Koe mo desazu zutto matataki sura wasurete anata ni mitoreteita

Nemutteshimaitai nezame dake wo osorete
Subete wo wasuretai migatte na tawakoto ne
Anata no namae wo yobu kamoku ni ki ga fureru
Yasete kata wo tsutsumi sakenda kagososugita nukumori ni

Shiritaku mo nai you na genjitsu ni fukaku kokoro obore
Kuchibiru wo kamitaeta namida sae imi ga nai to shitta

Tachi tsukusu boku no haigo no koe
Hakidasu wake nado dou demo yokatta
Tada me no mae no anata ga totemo sabishisou na kao de
Nani hitotsu dekinakatta jibun wo shinu hodo nikunda

Namae wo kureta yuiitsu no anata e kono mama soba ni itekurenai ka
Sou boku ni totte saisho de saigo no yasashiki "mama"

Shiroi kabe ni sotto makka na e no gu de anata wo fuchidotta
Mada atatakai hoho wo suri yosete shizuka ni waratte miseyou
Ootsubu no namida ga anata to kasanatte hitotsu ni nareta ki ga shita
Mabuta wo toji nukumori ga kieru koro boku wa anata no soba de

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"Bath Room" as written by Ryo Suzuki (mem Of The Gazette) Koyo Takashima (mem Of The Gazette)

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Bathroom [English] song meanings
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    General CommentI don't think this song is about Ruki's mom committing suicide (bescause his mom is alive now) but rather that Ruki's mother watched Ruki get betten by his father and she didn't know what to do.
    Ruki wrote a poem to his father and one part of it says " The things you said the things you did....
    Like the time you slammed my face into the concrete ground....(in the bathroom?)
    Do you remember the blood that stained it?....
    I’m sure you don’t...."
    And Ruki's mother could have been watching it. But that's just my thoughts on it.
    xxgazegirlxxon May 14, 2011   Link
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    General CommentHm .. to me it's like a distant child is witnessing his/her mothers death. And they come to sad realization that they will never see their mother again. There is probably more to this .. I'm just too tired to come up with anything ._.
    Android-Scalpelon April 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentGeesh, who ever knew Ruki could be so dark sometimes?
    I never expected translations like this when I first heard the song.

    Even though I interpreted the lyrics a while ago it still makes me wonder just where someone like Ruki gets all his inspiration for songs like this. He doesn't really seem like a very dark-minded person. :/

    But yeah, a child walking in on his mother's death... possibly a suicide? I doubt a mother would just drop dead in a bathroom... and she's looking down like she's slumped over slightly with her back against the wall. That's the image it puts into my head at least.

    I know for sure the last line is about a funeral. Caskets are usually lined with some sort of velvet or other fabric right? And they can make them white right?

    I'm a bit confused though by this line:
    "I came close, the still warm cheek."

    ...If she's dead and in a casket then why is she still warm? o.o

    I think the last line though is kind of a way of metaphorically saying "When you died I died as well."

    Hm... loldunno.
    IndagoFeatheron October 28, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwith the still warm part, maybe he means that it was quite recently that she died?
    the last line to me means.. like when his time comes to be cold and still, dead ultimately xD, he'll be with them again
    Bedkyon November 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI'm not at all surprised by this theme... maybe because I've been listening to Diru too much .-.

    At first I thought it was something about obsession, but it wasn't afterall. I really like this tune; it's really.... watery. I wonder why there is an obsession with bathrooms, water, suicide, etc. o.o
    rainberryon July 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOh, gosh, I love this song. x3 I heard a small bit of them playing it live and fell instantly in love.

    As has already been mentioned, I'm looking at this like him walking in on his mother. I'm assuming she committed suicide, based on the lines

    "The reason was not important.
    Only you look so sad in front of me."


    "I hate myself so much because I couldn't do anything for you."

    I think that the entirety of the song actually takes place thoughout him finding his mother's body in the bath room. The starting few lines would be him first noticing something is off and going to find his mother, only to see her in the bath room.

    This would also explain the reference to her still being warm, seeing as he would have only just found her after she killed herself.

    "I softly lined you with deep red color on the white wall."

    That line threw me off for a bit, but maybe it's referring to her splattered blood, rather than a casket? Like, he's looking over the scene, and his mind is "lining" her up with the blood, putting two and two together? Then again, that doesn't make much sense with the word "softly", or the fact that he seems to have already come to terms with the death earlier in the song.

    I also just started wondering if that last bit is, perhaps, him joining her in the suicide? In that way, the "deep red color" would be his own blood as he gets close to her, also making the last line a more literal saying of him being beside her in death.

    Aaaah, I have no idea. Too tired for this stuff, I sya. It's, like, four in the morning, and I hardly slept yesterday. xD
    overdose_on August 02, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics above and the lyrics on this video: youtube.com/…
    are different..hm..
    callowaydon July 29, 2011   Link
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    General Comment@xxgazegirlxx may i ask~? how do you know he wrote a poem (^_^?) (not in a mean way lol) because so many people know so much about Ruki~!! im like "how~? how do they know~?" lol~!!, is there a specific site or something~?! (^▽^*)
    AiLovesTheGazettEon September 24, 2011   Link

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