"Yes, Yes, Yes" as written by and Timothy John Baker....
you cringe, you complain
you sing, sing, that old refrain
the roof is falling in
the roof is falling in
i'm not kidding
you can probably feel the wind

no, no, not again (my darling sleep)
put your head on my legs (breathe it in)
it's not time for your untimely end, yet (no sweet release)
no no no no no no no not yet

you've got this feeling you'll live to get what you give
you'll be an old man soon...

you wait, you waver
you think, think, always must consider
cause every path's a problem
every turn is trouble
and you'll probably never solve them
so why not love them?

no no this is not allowed (my darling sleep)
wrap that busy head in sound (breathe it in)
rocking gently inside this (the din be peace)
no, no, no, no, no, no, yes! yes! yes!

you've got this feeling you'll live to get what you give
you'll be an old man soon...
i've got this feeling i'll be an old man soon

i know it's messy but you'll make it right
you don't want pity you want pride
a king, a lion, a god among men and children who cry when the thunder begins
their heads fall to their chests while you watch from a great height
with your head high
and your eyes on fire...

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    General CommentThe music video is really well made, I think, for this song. I believe the first verse is pretty straight-forward. The man (in this case) being reffered to is constantly complainging about the "hardships" of his life. Maybe he unconciously thinks it would be better off if he just didn't exist. That's why Tim is singing about how it's not time for him to go yet. Time says if the man lives then he'll eventually get back what he's given in the past, but he should live life because inevitably he'll be an old man.

    In the second verse, the man always thinks too much and it doesn't get him anyway. Facing a problem, or a fork in the road of life leaves him in confusion. Since every turn is troublesome, why not just enjoy the challenge? The man doen't like the idea of this, he thinks it's "not allowed" so he drowns his thoughts out with sound. He takes comfort in this, but he knows he shouldn't; he's contradicting himself: no, no, yes!

    In the next chorus, Tim admits that he, himself will be an old man.

    I love the last part! :D His life is messy, but if he tries, he can make it right. He doesn't want to be pitied by others, he wants to be proud of himself and for others to be proud of him. In his mind this is the difference between a god amoung men and children who cry at the sound of thunder. He watches others with their heads low to their chests, I think in shame, while his head is held high. His eyes are on fire from determination to exceed expectations.

    This is all in my opinion, so I don't know exactly what the artist were thinking, but this is my two cents. :D Oh, and the song rocks!
    KuroYumeon August 14, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAhah! I never much liked this song, but in the middle when the darker voice is talking in the background, he recites to lyrics to "Go Henry" and I just love it! Perhaps it's the artist reminding himself that he's grown, that he's changing.
    TedMon May 27, 2010   Link

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