Mr. Mercury
A cast iron steam machine
Made the morning tea
For the Admiral Gabardine

Went out on an errand
But came back too late
The runabout was idling
Behind the gate

Mr. Mercury
His dials and his springs
Set out for Mr. Quick
By following the oil slick

“Mr. Mercury,
Why did they all leave?
Could it be, I wonder,
A strange disease?

Because everybody’s gone,
The house is empty and the
Silence is killing me.”

The moon was overhead
The city streets were dead
They heard a soft alarm
That was set by Mr. Arm

“Mr. Mercury
Why did they all leave?
Could they be, I wonder,
All overseas?

Because everybody’s gone,
The town is empty and the
Silence is killing me.”

“Follow me and I will take you
(I believe we are through)
To the Admiral, he will tell us
(If no one tells... )
What to do and where to go
(... Us what to do)

Because that’s what automata do.”

You can thank Smythe and Tinker
For your curious demeanor
He is a patented marvel
Patented marvel

They no longer linger
Because he knows he’ll be alright

Are you getting existential
In your clockwork differential?
He’s a patented marvel

“Our serial numbers
Are etched in ours thumbs.
Send someone who could use
A good Automaton!”

We are
We are
We are
We are

“Mr. Mercury,
There’s not much use for us three.
I’ll turn your On Switch off
If you’ll do the same for me

Because everybody’s gone,
The world is empty, and the
Silence is killing me.”

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    General CommentAny chance this song is about Freddy Mercury given the similarities it has to Queen?
    M83iscoolon August 03, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthis whole album is a collection of short stories none really partaining to anyone specific.

    this song in itself is about 3 Robots who suddenly realize that all humankind have disappeared, and they begin to discover that without humans they are useless.

    at the end of the song right after the climax of realizing their complete solitude, the thought of lonliness and silence is too much to bear and they turn each other off.

    *i will say this song does have a chilling resemblence to Queen at the climax, Jonathan the lead singer did an amazing job, and at some points of this song there are 40 vocal tracks.

    amazing band
    davidwh2on September 01, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe bridge is a definite homage to Queen (can't have a song called "Mr. Mercury" and not slip something in there).
    "Are you getting existential in your clockwork differential?
    Patent Marvel!
    Mechanical-Mechanical-MechaniCAL!! (this line is very reminiscent of the harmonies in Bohemian Rhapsody).

    Defect8on December 21, 2008   Link

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