(Seem’s like you’ve lost your head, lets pick it up and begin to examine it, Seem’s like you’ve lost your head)

Yo Dave get on the Vestax and bless that while I come with another fresh track
Sick loops that get around like a race track one take in the lab and get applause for the playback
Folks misunderstood [cat] that got people lookin at me strange like damn styk why you say that ‘cause it’s the truth black
I got no time to be soft with words so often times you looking at me all perturbed
It’s like, I work the angles and include the curves and I be giving people love with the smoothest [herbs]
So just add up the zeros you still getting’ none it only takes a second for your crew to get done
I’m dynamite wit it and spots get blown why you approach the mic with too much testosterone
You need to lighten up plus you’re rough around the edges and you need to tighten up (that’s right)
For every thug fable that you think of writing up I got a phone book of rhymes just to call your bluff
So please stop trying to be somebody you’re not It’s Wystyk Plane’s Walkers boy you must’ve forgot

Synthesis get on the 56 while we do this keeping all the angles congruent word to PH I keep the eben flows [brewin] you forgot your late pass your ass is still [screwing]
I walk across the stage and sometimes I grab my unit I’m cleaning up the house and plus I’m doing home improvements
You’re albums whack in fact it need fine tuning I see the bigger picture plus I use my lens to zoom in
Magnify you by a hundred percent I never give up beatin’ whack emcees for Lent
I got that calibrated cold crust never by accident nasty shit like them hookers that you be maxin’ with
Plus a 2k2 disaster kit designed to treat your ass like a foster kid so yo don’t be amazed when we blow up the spot it’s Psyche O Plane’s Walkers boy you musta forgot
(Hey Buddy)

(I’m swinging)
(Verbally decapitating)
(Verbally decapitating)
(Watch that stuff)

(Drop it so Wys can start)
Beyond the mental state is the absolute truth and the ingredients for leaving rappers mute
I’m mutilating cats that state medicate and over exaggerating ‘cause Plane’s Walkers bomb and a faster rate you gonna have to wait to show you have to wait
Hit you with the on-the-spot display that’s smooth like songs by Donnie Hathaway Carrying a beacon through these dark pathways so why go the extra mile when we meet you half way
I’m fresh even though I didn’t take a bath today you paranoid and feeling like you have to spray
Your style is yesterday while we plan to keep it futuristic and keep the jams swollen like and ankle when it’s twisted move too fast you might miss it and slow up the pace we improve the taste like butter on a biscuit
It’s Wystyk on the mic if you like it or not I rep it wit Synt and Dave man ya’ll must’ve forgot it’s like that it’s like it’s like it’s like
How long can the human body survive after it’s been decapitated after the head’s chopped off after it’s left rolling tumbling off of it’s shoulders on to the ground down to the pavement

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Amnesia (Ya'll Musta Forgot) song meanings
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