*Voice messages from upset girlfriends* :

*Hey you fucking asshole
*Hi Sean, I just got finished cleaning some vomit out of my car
*Sean, I'm so fucking pissed at you
I could rip your goddamn arms off and..
Anyways, I don't care, I don't wanna fucking talk to you
*I don't wanna talk to you anymore
I don't know what your deal's been lately, but I fucked you like 15 times
And you just take and take
And you just fuck everyone over in the end anyways
Okay and number 2, being fucked up is not an excuse to piss in the goddamn fish tank
I'm sick of your bullshit
I'm sick of you acting like you can just fuckin'..
leave a trail of destruction and shit
everytime I'm around you and I'm fucking tired of it
It's just not cool, my roommates told me
What the fuck you did after you got stupid drunk as usual
I don't ever want you in my fucking house
in my fucking car, anywhere near me
It's fucking over, I don't want to talk to you anymore
I don't want to think about you anymore, I don't ever want to see you again
Even if you don't care, you can never ever come into my house again

*Fuck me? Fuck you. Rot in fucking hell
Fuck you, go fuck yourself
You should care, if you give a fuck at all (?) you'll call me
Hear me out, don't come fucking crying to me when your world falls apart and you have nowhere to turn, alright? Have a good day

*...Already? Already? Already? What'd you call 'em?


I can't imagine some of the things that you've seen
City to city with no spot to sleep
I know she will run with opposable thumbs
She's trying to overcome all of the maniacs(?)

Coast to coast, who knows the most?
Age before beauty, sleep before scrutiny
Who could it be now, here she comes
With an eve(?) of her tongue and the games that she runs

Little girl dolls(?) never get lost, pay the cost, embrace the flaws
Let her get tossed in the back of a mid-size
Trying to look at life through those kid's eyes
"Jackpot", that's in quotes

Sometimes you gotta let go if you wanna get votes
But fuck the votes, I spin towards the clouds
A bullet in your head sits still allowed
I used to pretend that I gave a fuck
Now i do give a fuck, a little too much

Let's see what you got Naomi
Back view from Missouri, show me little homie

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    General Comment"But fuck the votes, I spin towards the clouds/A bullet in your head sits still allowed/I used to pretend that I gave a fuck/Now i do give a fuck, a little too much"
    i love those 4 lines.
    amazing song although i don't really have an idea what it's about.
    listening to the intro, probably something to do with one of his ex'es.
    vulgaron February 09, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthaha! I've never listened past the intro before. I though that was the whole song. It was soooo annoying.
    rmjoh992on April 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentFor some reason I feel like Naomi is the girl he wouldn't put in his song.....the girl he was singing about in Guns and Cigarettes:

    "A few years ago an ex-girl of mine
    Asked me to keep her name out of my rhymes
    So I said this rhyme that I'm about to say
    It came from the heart and it went this way:
    Go to hell girl, you make me sick!
    I hope your new boyfriend gets cancer in his dick
    What the fuck makes you think I'd put your name on my record?"
    youkwalkson February 18, 2008   Link

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