Medicated, and that made it all right to be alive
The monster boy got killed by the pills that they gave him at the end of the line
It took twenty years to assemble this beast and it all fell apart in two quick weeks
Underneath all the scars on his face and his mind was a brand new boy with stars in his eyes
And he exploded on the scene like a geek
And he fit right in with all the rest of the freaks
And he had a lot to learn about the world out there
After spending so long in his gloomy lair
And he made up worlds in his mind
But he didn’t need them now so he left them behind
And for the first time in a long time he was glad to be breathing and his new face could smile
“Please don’t take this skin away”, he cried
“I’ll pay any price I have to pay”, he cried
“It’s great to have this chance to fail”, he said
“I never knew there was life for sale, you saved me, you made me again
Oh what an awful secret these scientists kept”
Now he’s livin’ and lovin’ and makin’ new friends
And he won’t take for granted what everybody has
And in his chest he found a heart that had never ever ever been used
He dug it up and cleaned it off and found out it was as good as new
The spark had grown into a flame
And it burned anybody that got in its way
And he took out a few bridges too, but everything burns bright when it’s new
And once a monster and now he’s a prince, or at least that’s how he felt when he got his first kiss
And he learned how to walk and he changed the way he talked, and he started catching up on everything that he missed
And he tried to be invisible for so long, now it was strange to be seen
And instead of all the villagers form in a mob they threw down their swords and treated him like a king
“I never knew it could get this good”, he cried
“You’d never believe how bad it was”, he cried
“Please don’t take this skin away”, he said
“I never wanna go back where I came from, you saved me, you made me at last
All my dungeons and demons are left in my past”
Once he sat in his sadness as days slowly drag
Now he burns with excitement and time moves so fast
And there’s a song that he will sing
When he needs to remember how things have changed
He sings, “It ain’t so bad, it ain’t so bad, it ain’t so bad anymore
So don’t you cry, so don’t you cry, don’t you cry anymore
No don’t you cry, don’t you cry, don’t you cry anymore”

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Monsters Get Slain song meanings
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    Song FactSpecifically, this song is about the artist, Chris Clavin, and his experiences with Accutane. He wrote a little about it in his book. Really, the way it relates to psychological health and social awkwardness is because of our perceptions of ourselves, and about the side effects he felt from the drug.
    Although, there's admittedly a whole lot of meanings you can throw into this song, but that's what it was written and inspired about.
    If you're curious, or wanna read more about this guy, it's in his book "Free Pizza For Life"
    TheGabeningon November 23, 2015   Link
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    Song MeaningI believe that the song is about a man who suffers from a social disorder preventing him from social interaction. He then starts taking pills to combat this and soon becomes popular with a group of people. But then his doctor decides that he no longer needs the pills and the man is scared to go back to how his life once was.
    canattack3on May 05, 2010   Link
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    General Commentwhat does this song mean?
    TomJoadon July 19, 2008   Link
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    General Commentits talking about a kid who is well a freak and he gets on riddilen or something and he turns out all right and hes happy about it
    beastmaster1991on April 14, 2009   Link

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