"The Poison Apple" as written by Matthew Robert Bruso, Brendan Alexander Macdonald and Mark Edward Castillo....
I know you lie

Was she worth it
You gave us all up and for what
I draw a line in the sand
And I hope that you take a stand
Isn't that perfect
And now you can smile and why not
If you consider the cost
It's just some fucking friends you lost

Some friend I lost

I just wanted to be sure
Things are good between you and me..
Well I may not know how to say they're not
But if you saw the things that I see

So let's begin

I know you lie
And the distant zip code
Doesn't apply
To your bed or your edge and
So tell me why
You made your fucking choice
And so have I

I consider this matter closed
I may not run this place
But it seems like what I say goes
You should know
And I'm sorry but that's you

This is her love spilled for you
Because she'd never give up on you
Be the man she wants you to be
Be the you we know that you can be

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    General CommentSomeone get's fucked over by another person he called a friend.

    The act of betrayal "Was she worth it?" "Consider the cost, it's just some fucking friends you lost", from that you can tell that the guy possibly fucked over his friend for a girl, or in the case of edge, bought a prostitute.

    Other parts of the song are about choices to break edge.

    The last section could possibly not only be talking about the betrayal of friends, but betrayal of his gf/wife/partner, etc.
    thisXshipXwontXsinkon March 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI picture this as someone coming to the singer asking for help about something in his life.. perhaps he screwed over his wife/gf/partner.. perhaps cheated, distant zip code.. perhaps the partner killed herself over it..your edge.. distant zip code.. perhaps gone during the event.. her love spilled out for you...

    anyway they made a mess out of his situation somehow.. and is now coming to his old friend(s)..

    the only thing is, when he met this girl he completely abandoned and betrayed his friend(s), and now his old friend(s) don't want to have anything to do with him. Or at least he/they'd rather see him deal with the consequences of his actions

    the reason I say friend(s) or they.. is due to the line about the singer "not running this place"; it could be in reference to their old social circle.
    shrapnailon November 14, 2008   Link

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