"Exodus" as written by and John Arch Jim Matheos....
Morning desert sun horizon rise above the
Sands of time
Mystic journey to Arcana travel starry
Spheres in trine
Sands of the dunes dust of the bones
Swallow the trace of creatures left behind
Gods of the fire fall from the sky reaped
All the fruit and plagued earth dry
Distant vision tempting water fall to me
Knees I'm going to drink it dry. Blazing
Desert sun reflection on the water
He caught my eye
Up in a tree preying on me vulture of
Fear why don't you let me be
He said you're mine one day
Spit out the sand of the mirage
Be on your way
Exodus ascend the plane
Exile this medium of bondage far beyond
The prophecy of tyrant guardians
Traject the esoteric sisters they are mythical
Exodus ascend the plane
Exuke this medium of bondage far beyond the
Myriads of crypt and pyramids beyond the
Harpy vultures guarding their tombs
Arcana awaits you
Oh guardian predestination calls
Silent wind I felt what you said
Soon I'm exhumed for consumation
He charmed my soul with his book of the
He read it said beat no children
He will inhere the malignant fear in man
Sovreign the force more than emotion
It controls your destiny at hand
False guardian I will compel false as the
Fear of heaven and hell
I should have known its all a mirage just
As well
The power of good will not be shown by
Conquering fear
Let it be known its a constant resist
While facing transformation

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"Exodus" as written by John Arch Jim Matheos


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    General CommentSome of my favorite lyrics of all time. Definitely a metaphor for a personal quest for enlightenment and freedom, with the desert imagery fitting to describe the world as dry, desolate, and full of mirages (also possibly to reference the biblical exodus into the desert, but I may be just grasping at straws with that).

    The song comes off almost as gnostic:

    "False guardian I will compel
    False as the fear of Heaven and Hell
    I should have known its all a mirage just as well"

    suggesting that traditional views of the divine are only roadblocks to "Arcana." The ultimate goal is to exile the medium of bondage, which, presumably is how we're all living now. There are lots of themes and gems hidden throughout here (and that's not even touching on the music itself!) including disappointment, disgust with the spiritual state of the world, and lack of control in one's own destiny.

    The "esoteric sisters" are likely the Fates of Greek mythology, which the band references in its name and several times lyrically in their first three albums.

    This song is a masterpiece that captured metal's obsession with the mythical and hunger for freedom...the cold, twisting guitars and Arch's ghastly vocals make for an intense and atmospheric experience.
    Exodus832on October 18, 2009   Link

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