"Disco Queen" as written by and Daniel Gildenloew....
Tonight I'll fall, looking for something wonderful yet casual
Extraordinarily temporal, and there you are - let's go

You hooked me on the dance floor
So here I am, back for more

You seem experienced, just an inch too keen on getting exposed
Having your face in every magazine
You're far from being unique but you still look pristine
Mundanely exotic, like the french cuisine

My Disco Queen - let's disco...

You're a cheap sellout drug on everyone's lips
Covered every day, done every way, a whole world at your hips

A bar to fit, the beats you take
Another hit and you will break

Undressed in front of me, all glistening ebony
You're still so young, but I will show you vintage 33
I lay you on your back - inviting curves of black
Making little noises as my needle finds your track

My Disco Queen - let's disco
Disco Queen - let's disco...

You leave me wanting more, panting on all four
I know there's more to pluck, and so I go for the encore
I am turning you around, to play your other side
A tighter groove, I want it but I tremble, slip and slide

Baby, you're just what I need
You purr when I make you bleed

I pump you till you cry - feel so alive
I crank you up and switch to 45

A screaming climax chord, I give you all I've stored
A moment's silence and you're filled up, yet emptier than before
Oh - that subtle little sound as I am pulling out
A finished dish upon my plate is what it's all about

A square round of greed
You surrendered to the rhytm, spinning around your hole
Disco made you famous but tonigh you tasted soul

I pumped you till you cried - felt so alive
I cranked you up and switched to 45
You are just begging for more
But I unlock the door (tonight I'll fall...)
You're old news now and so I leave you trembling on the floor...

My Disco Queen...
My Disco Queen - let's disco...

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    General CommentWhat I've heard is that this song is about a vinyl record, and then the "I will show you vintage 33" and "switch to 45" will make sense (they are different speeds).

    Also some other parts of the lyric suddenly make sense. For example:
    "I lay you on your back - inviting curves of black
    Making little noises as my needle finds your track"
    adventuresofsason January 03, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI really want to have shallow, meaningless sex to this song.
    ShadeXHon February 16, 2008   Link
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    General CommentDisco Queen deals with women who go to disco show their bodies and think they are uniqe and great individuals. Daniel wants to show that these persons have a life only existing of sex and drugs. When you look close you can see that these things dont make life easier. "yet emptier than before". That "Disco Queen" is just another girl to dance, to have sex with and to forget.
    funkgotton April 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think the song deals with starlettes as a whole whoring themselves out to the media and society for consumption. The fame is always fleeting even with the ravaneous need for much of the populace to know information about the person. The song has the message these people are just drugged and sexed up empty shells of people with no real value. They exist to whore for attention until at the end of the day, society forgets them and stops caring, using up their humanity like a flash in a pan.
    NapalmNewton October 15, 2007   Link
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    General Commentapart from the meaning, which I think was pretty much well understood by funkgott, let's talk about the music. this song is fucking amazing. it's some kind of paradigmatic progressive song. progressive metal composers should not be ashamed of mixing genres up. this is a perfect example of how prog metal artists are supposed do accept everything inside their songs, even disco bits. somehow this song reminds me of some other songs which have been very important in the contemporaneous progressive scenery. I really must say that scarsick probably puts pos together with some other giants of prog like dream theater, porcupine tree or symphony X.
    sirxanderon February 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI wonder if the following is intended, but one of my first associations was:

    vintage 33 - 1933: Hitler's takeover in Germany, beginning of 3rd Reich

    switch to 45 - 1945: End of 3rd Reich

    Inbetween: Invasion? xD

    Maybe because he doesn't care about her at all he's so dominant and she falls for him because she's kind of submissive.
    frozenvirus85on July 20, 2009   Link
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    General CommentActually... Both interpretations, the starlets and bimbos and the vinyl record, are true... It's the whole secret... Daniel is trying to say that new stars of music normally heard at parties, and by their attractive image a lot of young girls lured into becoming like the fake personae written by PR specialists are now mass-produced. They are in a way vinyl records, mass pressed to fit any "player" who visits the dance clubs.

    Oh... and not to be racist... The girls, unlike the vinyls don't have to be black to fit into my interpretation... White trash tramp-stamped girls and all other types of cheep sellouts also fit.

    I am not a hater... I just acknowledge their existence. Some people just don't have the luck of being able to have high standards like others. If they grow up in conditions that only enable them to get "love" by getting "pretty things" and rides in their boyfriends pimped-out cars, to make their friends jealous... Well... Tough luck... I have nothing but compassion for them.
    Longandweirdnameon July 17, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionYou helped me to think less about the woman (who Daniel doesn't care about, at all) and start thinking about a pop song, and I start to like this :)
    Still there are some words that can refer only to a quite aggressive sex, and I'm against this.

    Anyway, I'm asexual but sex-positive, so I think that also "meaningless sex" can be a wonderful 'collaboration', really mutual- and not one-sided like in this song. You don't need a great of love for this, just a little respect.
    Brombiton August 11, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningJohan Hallgren gave a bit of a cryptic answer to the song's meaning in this interview

    "If you take Disco Queen as an example, you can see it in two different ways. Just like an old Disco vinyl record with funny music or it can be something a lot more serious if you read its lyrics. And of course Disco is a very sexy beat that we all know so…you just have to feel the concept of the music and you'll understand. And of course it's really funny to play this song."
    sokornyon February 02, 2016   Link

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